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Green Tea Can Help Keep Extra Pounds Off
2011-10-04 11:44:37

Green tea may slow down weight gain and serve as another tool in the fight against obesity, according to Penn State food scientists.

Dark Chocolate
2011-09-15 04:54:53

A compound found in chocolate, called epicatechin, seems to trigger the same muscle response as vigorous activity such as jogging.

2011-05-18 16:51:24

The beneficial compounds in green tea powders aren't as stable as once thought.

2011-01-25 00:02:13

Indulgent chocolate treats may be the best-known and most widely appreciated product of the cacao tree, but new scientific research from New York Based Cacao Biotechnologies is uncovering potential new applications for the antioxidant-rich beans which could spur an innovative approach to treating human papillomavirus (HPV), a precursor to cervical cancer. Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) January 24, 2011 Indulgent chocolate treats may be the best-known and most widely appreciated product of the cacao...

2010-09-22 06:55:00

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Sept. 22/PRNewswire/ -- Researchers at the Capital Medical University in Beijing have found that epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), a compound found abundantly in green tea, is able to kill cervical cancer cells and prevent them from forming.

2010-05-06 13:26:48

Researchers at Johns Hopkins have discovered that a compound in dark chocolate may protect the brain after a stroke by increasing cellular signals already known to shield nerve cells from damage.

2010-03-12 09:39:00

TORONTO, March 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Long known to be beneficial in heart disease, diabetes and some cancers, a new study finds a specific green tea extract may delay or prevent Alzheimer's disease and dementia. A.

2010-02-17 09:25:00

Scientists have confirmed that the healthful substances found in green tea — renowned for their powerful antioxidant and disease-fighting properties — do penetrate into tissues of the eye.

2009-11-24 17:51:15

A recent study confirms that the antioxidants and other plant-based nutrients in chocolate and cocoa products are highly associated with the amount of non-fat cocoa-derived ingredients in the product.

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