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2008-08-03 15:00:01

At least two bishops of the Anglican Church have come out against efforts to keep its liberal and conservative wings united. The call for an orderly breakup of the church came Sunday as the archbishop of Canterbury convened the Lambeth Conference of 670 bishops to forge reconciliation.

2008-07-31 15:00:00

A Roman Catholic cardinal told Anglican bishops at the Lambeth Conference in Canterbury, England, that ordaining women is a barrier to uniting the churches. Cardinal Walter Kaspar, head of the Vatican Council on Christian Unity, spoke at a closed session Monday, The Times of London reported.

2008-07-20 21:00:16

DETROIT _ For years, worshippers at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Livonia, Mich., patiently put up with their diocese as it adopted a series of liberal changes that clashed with biblical tradition.

2008-07-08 09:00:18

By Jerome Taylor The Church of England was thrown into disarray last night after its ruling body, the General Synod, rejected a series of amendments by traditionalists opposed to the ordination of women bishops.

2008-07-04 03:00:06

By Coakley, Sarah An English reflection on ministry IT MIGHT SEEM otiose, even pathetic, for priests to spend time wondering about what they are and do: is it not obvious what sort of jobs and roles they are meant to be getting on with? And is it not equally and painfully obvious that any social status they may have enjoyed in earlier generations as a result of these jobs and roles has been largely eroded? The popular media image of the male clergy diverges paradoxically and revealingly:...

2008-07-01 15:00:54

The Rev Dr David Lord, reluctantly at the centre of a controversy within the worldwide Anglican communion, is a remarkable and personable example of how medicine and faith can be brought together in a healthy unity. David is a gifted and gracious Anglican priest and a specialist medical doctor.

2006-07-01 08:56:19

By Jim Christie SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Six conservative Episcopalian bishops opposed to the liberal drift in the U.S. branch of the Anglican Communion are asking for a trial separation, a move hinting at an eventual divorce over irreconcilable differences, some analysts say.

2006-06-28 01:54:31

By Kate Kelland LONDON (Reuters) - The leader of the world's 77 million Anglicans, Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, has said the worldwide church may have to break up amid a bitter row over the consecration of gay bishops.

2006-06-23 08:53:13

By Rebecca Harrison DAKAR (Reuters) - Africa's Anglican bishops have attacked their U.S. counterparts for failing to condemn homosexuality after they elected a liberal woman leader who supports gay rights.

2006-06-22 11:05:38

By Tume Ahemba LAGOS (Reuters) - African bishops on Thursday applauded a decision by the U.S. Episcopal Church to avoid consecrating more openly gay bishops but said liberals must show true repentance if a rift in the Anglican community is to heal. The U.S.

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