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Northern Hogsucker Hypentelium nigricans
2009-01-20 20:36:05

The Northern Hogsucker (Hypentelium nigricans) is a species of freshwater fish that inhabits the rivers of the Mississippi basin. They occur from Oklahoma and Alabama northward to Minnesota. This fish is also widely distributed in western New York, including the Finger Lakes region. It occurs in tributaries of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario as well. There are no fish found north of latitude 44°....

Bigmouth buffalo
2007-03-16 18:35:33

The Bigmouth buffalo, Ictiobus cyprinellus, also known as the Gourd head, Redmouth buffalo, Roundhead, or Brown buffalo, is a large species of the Catostomidae or "sucker" family. The Bigmouth buffalo is a dull brownish olive color with dusky fins. Like other suckers it has a long dorsal fin, but unlike others it has a large oblique and terminal mouth. It is the largest of the buffalo fish...

2007-03-16 18:34:27

The Quillback is a type of freshwater fish of the sucker family. It grows to 26 in (65 cm) and are deeper bodied than most suckers, leading to a carp-like appearance. It can be distinguished from carp by the lack of barbels around the mouth. The coloration is silvery and it has large scales. It is called Quillback because of the long filament that extends back from the dorsal fin. The species...

Blue sucker
2007-03-16 18:33:29

The Blue sucker, Cycleptus elongatus, is a freshwater species of fish in the sucker family. Huge migrations of these fast, powerful fish once migrated throughout the Mississippi River basin, and spring harvests of blue sucker were a staple food for early pioneers. Blue suckers are quite rare today, mainly due to the segmentation of habitat caused by the thousands of dams that have been built in...

2007-03-16 18:32:33

The Cui-ui, Chasmistes cujus, is a large sucker fish endemic to Pyramid Lake in northwestern Nevada. It feeds primarily on zooplankton and possibly on nanoplankton (such as algae and diatoms). The maximum size of male cui-ui is approximately 21 in (53 cm) and 3.5 lb (1.6 kg) while females reach approximately 25 in (64 cm) and 6 lb (2.7 kg). The life span of Cui-ui is typically about forty...

White sucker
2007-03-14 20:07:30

The White sucker, Catostomus commersonii, is a bottom-feeding freshwater fish inhabiting North America from Labrador in the north to Georgia and New Mexico in the south. It is a long, round-bodied fish with a dark green, grey, copper, brown, or black back and sides and a light underbelly. When full grown, it is between 12 and 20 in long and weighs between 2 and 4 lb. It will eat almost anything...

Longnose sucker
2007-03-14 20:05:32

The Longnose sucker, Catostomus catostomus, is a freshwater species of fish inhabiting cold, clear waters in North America from northern USA to the top of the continent. In addition, it is the only species of sucker to inhabit Asia, specifically the rivers of eastern Siberia. The body of the Longnose sucker is long and round with dark olive or grey sides and top and a light underside. They are...

Utah sucker
2007-03-14 20:02:42

The Utah sucker, Catostomus ardens, is a sucker of the family Catostomidae found in the upper Snake River and the Lake Bonneville areas of western North America. This is a large fish, up to 25.59 in (65 cm) in length. Relatively elongate for a sucker, the back area between the head and dorsal fin is somewhat elevated. The mouth is entirely under the snout, with thick lips, of which the upper...

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