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2013-12-02 23:21:12

With the constantly rising cost of energy, more and more Americans are looking for creative and inexpensive ways to save money on these costs. SecuritySystemReviews.com has created a list of easy energy efficiency tips, designed specifically for the cold fall and winter months. Columbus, Ohio (PRWEB) December 02, 2013 Utility bills represent a significant portion of many Americans' monthly budgets, and the idea of energy efficiency is one that’s gaining in popularity. The fall and...

2013-11-11 23:23:06

Prevention is the best way to avoid water damage in the home. A restoration expert explains how. (PRWEB) November 11, 2013 Restoration Local, one of the leading providers of water damage repair and restoration services in the United States, is offering tips on water damage prevention in your home or business. Water damage is the most common reason for homeowner’s insurance claims, and many times may be easily prevented by following a few common sense steps. Check all hoses and faucets...

2013-10-29 23:25:21

The global market for sealants and sealant applicators is expected to reach $19.1 billion in 2013 and increase to $19.8 billion in 2014. BCC Research projects the market to grow to $24.1 billion by 2019, and register a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4% from 2014 to 2019. Wellesley, MA (PRWEB) October 29, 2013 According to a new technical market research report, Sealants and Sealant Applicators: Technologies and Global Markets (http://www.bccresearch.com), the global...

Does This Gun Make Me Look Bigger?
2012-04-13 04:54:37

New research from UCLA suggests holding a gun makes men look bigger, stronger and more masculine. Published in the journal PLoS ONE, the study was conducted by asking hundreds of Americans to estimate the size and muscularity of four men, each holding a different object. The men holding guns were perceived as not only larger, but also stronger than the other men. Daniel Fessler is the lead author of the paper and an associate professor of anthropology at UCLA. According to him, assuming a...

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