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Autism Risk Increased For Kids Of Older Dads
2012-08-23 10:20:18

Connie K. Ho for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online Researchers from deCODE Genetics, an Icelandic firm, recently discovered that a father´s age is connected to an increased risk of autism and schizophrenia. The study states that random mutations can become more prevalent with increased paternal age. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, it is the first report by scientists that quantifies the effect of the disorders. The findings were published recently in the online edition...

2012-08-02 22:19:05

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Having a pet around may just help improve an autistic child's social skills, according to a new study published in PLoS ONE journal. Autistic children who had a pet after they turned five were more likely to offer comfort and share things, researchers from the Hospital Research Center of Brest in France found. However, the children who had pets in the family since birth did not show to have had the same effect as the others. The...

2012-07-18 10:49:00

Connie K. Ho for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online Researchers at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) recently unveiled findings from a new study which showed that certain changes in an overactive immune system of mice could cause behaviors similar to those found with autism. In some cases, activation can be related to what is experienced by a developing fetus in a womb. About a decade ago, the scientists of Caltech helped lead the research on the connection between...

2012-07-17 10:16:47

Spectrum of disorders leave families struggling with health care needs While the causes of autism continue to be debated and bandied about, real families who have children with autism spectrum disorders are left to struggle with expensive health care needs. These costs can be devastating - but they can also be markedly different if the family lives in Massachusetts or Maine. Advocates in many states have lobbied for legislation to force private insurers to offer autism services at the...

Mutations In Autism Gene Increases Risk In Boys
2012-07-12 17:40:48

Researchers at Emory University School of Medicine have identified five rare mutations in a single gene that appear to increase the chances that a boy will develop an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Mutations in the AFF2 gene, and other genes like it on the X chromosome, may explain why autism spectrum disorders affect four times as many boys as girls. The mutations in AFF2 appeared in 2.5 percent (5 out of 202) boys with an ASD. Mutations in X chromosome genes only affect boys, who...

Searching For Autism's Chemical Clues
2012-07-09 16:35:57

If scientists can find distinctive patterns of chemicals in the urine of children with autism, a diagnostic test based on biology -- so far elusive -- could be within reach. On her laptop computer one recent afternoon, University at Buffalo researcher Charmion Cruickshank calls up a mass spectrometry readout showing the breakdown of chemicals in the urine of a child with autism. She has similar information for nine other children -- four with the disorder and five without -- and she has...

2012-06-27 19:11:05

Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com Scientists are using a brain trace to help diagnose autism, which has been notoriously hard for doctors to identify in patients. Researchers at Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School said EEG traces could help offer a diagnostic test for autism in children. Autism is characterized by impaired communication, such as language and social skills. Although MRI studies have reported differing results, EEG measurements have been more consistent....

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