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2009-03-30 11:36:01

Jenn Macalady's geomicrobiology group is discovering the rules that enable microbes living in dark, oxygen-free environments to adapt and evolve Recently, caving expert Simone Cerioni guided Jenn Macalady of Pennsylvania State University and her team of scientists up a dark, steep slope in the Frasassi cave system in central Italy. While climbing up a particularly difficult section, Cerioni turned around to check on the scientists scrambling below him and noticed that their facial...

2008-08-04 18:00:43

By SUE GYFORD Last month's mine shaft tragedy was a stark reminder of the dangers underground explorers face LYING twisted at an awkward angle and squeezed tightly between two jagged rocks, Ivan Young tries, somehow, to manoeuvre himself round in the half-dark. Peering through the narrow gap ahead, by the light on his miner's helmet, he can see what appears to be the opening to a cavern looming. The only question is, can he get there? It is the kind of uncomfortable position in...

2008-07-21 15:00:49

By Ian Swanson; Gareth Rose ACAVER rescued from a mine shaft after being overcome by gas has died in hospital. Peter Ireson, 37, from Livingston, had been exploring the shaft at the Wisp in Newcraighall on Thursday evening when he lost consciousness and had to be brought out by a specialist rescue crew. He was rushed to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, where he was treated in the intensive care unit. But he died last night, three days after the accident. Mr Ireson, who worked as an...

2007-03-06 18:00:00

MEXICO CITY -- A pair of cave divers said Monday they have found subterranean passages in Mexico's Yucatan peninsula that constitute the world's longest underwater cave system. British cave diver Steve Bogaerts said he and Robbie Schmittner, of Germany, found flooded underground passages connecting two previously known cave systems - a discovery that shows how interconnected and vulnerable the Yucatan's fabled underground water system is. Gene Melton, chairman of the Cave Diving Section of...

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