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2009-01-26 14:12:10

Study uncovers long-sought mechanism that limits centriole duplication, with implications for potential cancer treatments.

2009-01-16 13:51:17

When it comes to keeping brains alive, it seems nature has deemed that females are more valuable then males. As reported in this weeks' JBC, researchers found that nutrient deprivation of neurons produced sex-dependent effects.

2009-01-12 09:12:36

Researchers have long known that some repetitive DNA sequences can make human chromosomes "fragile," i.e. appearing constricted or even broken during cell divisions.

2009-01-06 11:56:11

This month's issue of Cold Spring Harbor Protocols (www.cshprotocols.org/TOCs/toc1_09.dtl) features two articles detailing experimental methods for the analysis of molecular processes involved in DNA repair and post-translational modification of proteins.Homologous recombination is an important mechanism for the repair of damaged chromosomes. When this occurs, a Displacement Loop, or "D-loop," is formed as the two strands of the DNA molecule are separated and held apart by a third strand of...

2009-01-06 11:47:52

Scientists at Burnham Institute for Medical Research (Burnham) have demonstrated important new roles for the protein kinase complex Cdc7/Dbf4 or Cdc7/Drf1 (Ddk) in monitoring damage control during DNA replication and reinitiating replication following DNA repair. Since Ddk is often deregulated in human cancers, this new understanding of its role in DNA damage control could help shape new cancer therapies. The research was published in the December 24 issue of Molecular Cell.Accurate DNA...

2009-01-04 12:33:57

A single tumor-suppressing gene is a key to understanding, and perhaps killing, dormant ovarian cancer cells that persist after initial treatment only to reawaken years later.

2008-11-23 15:25:00

A Florida State University College of Medicine research team led by Yanchang Wang has discovered an important new layer of regulation in the cell division cycle, which could lead to a greater understanding of the way cancer begins.

2008-09-09 03:00:26

RevGenetics announces the release of its latest science-based telomere health supplements, Astral Fruit.

2008-08-20 15:01:11

U.S. scientists have found a new mechanism for cell fate determination -- how one cell can differ from another despite having the same genetic material. Northwestern University researchers say their yeast study demonstrates why mothers and daughters differ in gene expression.

2008-07-07 09:01:02

U.S. and Israeli medical researchers say they have discovered one of the factors involved in mitosis -- the ability of cells to daily divide and replicate.

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