Latest Celtic Stories

2010-09-13 15:13:00

ALLENTOWN, Pa., Sept. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Trifecta, a leading developer of custom web applications, announced today the launch of a new innovative mobile web application. Doug Pelletier, President and Chief Executive Officer of Trifecta, made the announcement. The iPhone/Android web application launches in partnership with the 2010 Celtic Classic festival on September 13, 2010. The application offers visitors the opportunity to download the entire festival schedule, map and other...

2009-11-25 10:53:59

For rescuers working in remote places working phones and internet are literally a question of life and death. A team of researchers and businesses in Norway, Spain and Finland decided they need to be equipped with a box with the power to connect them to networks wherever they are. On September 11, firefighters, police officers and ambulance workers faced a terrifying rescue effort in the World Trade Center complex. They battled to save people from the collapsing Twin Towers, searched for...

2006-04-17 20:21:39

By Svetlana Kovalyova ROBBIO, Italy (Reuters) - Wine conjures up the image of cultured drinkers sipping their way delicately through a full-bodied vintage. But for two history buffs with a passion for the tipple, northern Italy has the barbarians to thank for its long wine-making tradition. Luca Sormani, from Como, and Fulvio Pescarolo, from the tiny town of Robbio near Milan, have traced the region's wine culture all the way back to its Celtic roots and have started making it...

Word of the Day
  • A Roman unit of weight, 1⁄1728 of a pound.
  • A weight of four grains used in weighing gold and precious stones; a carat.
  • In anatomy, a formation suggesting a husk or pod.
  • The lowest unit in the Roman coinage, the twenty-fourth part of a solidus.
  • A coin of base silver of the Gothic and Lombard kings of Italy.
'Siliqua' comes from a Latin word meaning 'a pod.'