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2009-03-05 14:22:55

Are teens influenced by the lyrical content of the music they listen to? A team of researchers at the University of Pittsburgh has reported findings that suggest that they may. The researchers analyzed songs from the US Billboard chart of top songs. Songs were graded according to the amount of sexually aggressive lyrical content from least to most sexually degrading. They surveyed 711 fifteen and sixteen year old high school students about what they were currently listening to as well as...

2006-07-19 18:02:56

LONDON (Reuters) - Teenagers and young adults who listen to MP3 players too loudly and too often risk going deaf 30 years earlier than their parents' generation, a charity warned on Thursday. Deafness Research UK said a national survey in Britain showed that 14 percent of 16-34 year-olds use their personal music players for 28 hours a week. More than a third of the 1,000 people questioned in the poll said they had ringing in the ear, a sign of damage to hearing, after listening to...

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