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Journey To The Center Of The Earth Planned
2012-10-03 10:54:54

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online The Mars Curiosity rover is sending data and pictures to Earth from Mars every day with only a 14 minute delay, a monumental feat of human accomplishment. Yet, for all our research into the stars, there remains a great deal of discovery to be had here on Earth, particularly below the surface. Now, a global team of drillers, geologists and other scientists and researchers plan to spend $1 billion to go the other way, deep into...

2008-08-15 18:00:16

PADUCAH, Ky., Aug. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Dippin' Dots, known best for its famous beaded Ice Cream, has announced the winners of its "Journey to the Center of the Earth" nationwide sweepstakes in conjunction with the New Line Cinema and Warner Brothers feature film released earlier this summer. (Logo: http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/20070524/CLTH063LOGO ) (Photo: http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/20080613/CLF098 ) The Grand Prize winner is Kayleigh Daniels, 16, of Bellevue,...

2008-07-31 12:00:45

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., July 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Hollywood Parts is pleased to announce its selection by Walden Media to manage and sell the Hero Assets from their new hit film Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D starring Brendan Frasier, Anita Briem and Josh Hutcherson. Hero Assets are items that are featured or touched in a movie or TV production by an actor such as wardrobe, props or set dressing. Walden Media is a film production and publishing company best known as the producers of The...

2008-07-18 21:00:00

By Miranda C.R. White "Journey to the Center of the Earth" opened last weekend, and I have one word for it - unbelievable. Literally. Not only were there cartoon birds in the movie, but there were dinosaurs eating piranha out in the middle of the ocean that is supposedly in the middle of the earth and giant flytraps attempted to choke and eat the adventurers when they on their way to a boiling river. Talk about fantasy. The movie started off with Professor Trevor Anderson (Brendan Fraser)...

2008-07-18 09:00:47

By Chris Hicks Deseret News There's an interesting bit of product placement in the new updated cinematic version of "Journey to the Center of the Earth" -- the original 1864 novel by Jules Verne. If ever there was a movie that urges kids to read books, it's this one. In fact, the film's youngest hero (Josh Hutcherson) repeatedly laments that he never got around to "Journey to the Center of the Earth" when it was a summer-reading assignment. The movie spins off the premise that the...

2008-07-11 15:00:31

By ROGER EBERT ** JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH 92 minutes, PG (for intense adventure action and scary moments) Directed by Eric Brevig. Produced by Charlotte Huggins, Beau Flynn and Cary Granat. Written by Michael Weiss, Jennifer Flackett and Mark Levin; inspired by the novel by Jules Verne. Photographed by Chuck Schuman. Edited by Paul Martin Smith, Steven Rosenblum and Dirk Westervelt. Music by Andrew Lockington. With Brendan Fraser, Josh Hutcherson and Anita Briem. ***...

2008-07-11 15:00:00

By Michael Janusonis Director Eric Brevig's updated version of the Jules Verne classic Journey to the Center of the Earth is an old-fashioned, rip- roaring, seat-of-the-pants action film that harkens back to the days of the Saturday matinee movies of the 1950s. Indeed, the last big-screen version of Verne's tale about explorers who get trapped underground in a mine cave-in in Iceland and try to find their way out was released in 1959 with the unlikely starring combination of James Mason...

2008-07-11 12:00:38

By Chris Kaltenbach, The Baltimore Sun Jul. 11--(B-) As a movie, Journey to the Center of the Earth isn't much more than a feel-good adventure emphasizing the importance of family, an encyclopedic knowledge of geology and chemistry and loads of good old-fashioned luck. But as a visit to cinema's third dimension, it's a thrill ride not to be missed. One of the first entries in what promises to be a spate of 3-D movies to be released over the next few years, Journey is at once a throwback...

2008-07-11 12:00:38

By Jeff Simon, The Buffalo News, N.Y. Jul. 11--What I like so much about "Journey to the Center of the Earth" isn't the 3-D, although I can't tell you how much the 3-D glasses and the process itself have improved since the days when people watched movies like "House of Wax" (most people's favorite 3-D junk), "Bwana Devil" and "Phantom of the Rue Morgue" (my personal favorite -- for the scare that comes when the dead body stuffed up the chimney suddenly descends into living room view)....

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