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2008-11-17 11:40:00

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) reported on Monday that it will cost about 25 million francs, or $21 million, in order to make critical repairs on the world's largest atom smasher. The Large Hadron Collider was forced to shutdown prematurely just nine days after it started conducting experiments intended to recreate conditions that occurred immediately after the "Big Bang", which cosmologists believe is at the origin of our expanding universe. Officials initially...

2008-11-03 10:25:00

When it is fully up and running, the four massive detectors on the new Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the CERN particle-physics lab near Geneva are expected to produce up to 15 million gigabytes, aka 15 petabytes, of data every year. Andreas Hirstius, manager of CERN Openlab and the CERN School of Computing, explains in November's Physics World how computer scientists have risen to the challenge of dealing with this unprecedented volume of data. When CERN staff first considered how they might...

2008-10-22 08:45:00

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) officially celebrated its experiment to discover the origins of the universe. It was a large inauguration, despite a technical hitch last month that shut it down within days of starting. Taking particular pride was Robert Aymar, director general of CERN. "When CERN chooses to be audacious, amazing things can happen," Aymar told government ministers, scientists and diplomats gathered for the event. The CERN experiment will investigate the...

2008-10-20 11:40:00

A spokesperson from the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) told reporters on Friday that it would likely take most of the winter to repair problems that led to the forced shutdown of its atom smasher before resuming activity in spring.  The shutdown of CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) last month occurred only 10 days after the experiment began, due to a helium leak in its tunnel. It was caused by a faulty electrical connection between two of the accelerator's magnets....

2008-10-16 15:50:00

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) announced on Thursday that the forced shutdown of its Large Hadron Collider (LHC) last month was caused by a faulty electrical connection between two of the accelerator's magnets. The shutdown occurred just 10 days after the large experiment began because of a helium leak in its tunnel. Scientists created the LHC with hopes of discovering new clues about the origins of the universe. "This incident was unforeseen," CERN Director-General...

2008-10-12 10:22:33

Here's what didn't happen on Sept. 10th: The world did not end. Switching on the world's largest and most powerful particle accelerator near Geneva, Switzerland, did not trigger the creation of a microscopic black hole. And that black hole did not start rapidly sucking in surrounding matter faster and faster until it devoured the Earth, as sensationalist news reports had suggested it might. Of course, because you're alive and reading this article today, you already knew that. Currently...

2008-10-03 15:20:00

CERN, the world's largest particle physics lab that created the Worldwide Web, exhibited its newest development on Friday: a computer network allowing some 7,000 scientists in 33 countries to connect and share data and processing power. Through the new network, the European Organization for Nuclear Research will allow scientists to analyze data from its particle-smashing test that began last month. The experiment began on September 10 and was shut down nine days later because of a helium...

2008-09-29 08:25:00

Scientists say they were more surprised by the overwhelming success of the world's largest atom smasher on its opening day than by the troubles it later developed. A magnet connection problem will delay the start of experiments for half a year, due to a needed repair to the $3.8 billion accelerator. Physicists who waited two decades to use the new equipment will now have to wait three more weeks for the damaged section to be warmed up to room temperature. Yet such glitches are not uncommon...

2008-09-24 08:00:00

The massive particle collider built to simulate the conditions of the "Big Bang" will not restart until spring 2009 after a technical glitch forced its shutdown, according to the European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN. Experts have been down into the 17-mile tunnel housing the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) to see what they could determine about the damage. A helium leak into the tunnel housing, the biggest and most complex machine ever made, forced CERN to shut down its LHC...

2008-09-23 09:00:54

SHIJIAZHUANG, China -- Hundreds of Chinese parents, some cradling infants, converged on the company at the heart of the tainted baby formula scandal Thursday, demanding refunds and asking what they can safely feed their children. Thousands of others filled hospitals, many hovering over sons and daughters hooked to IVs after drinking Sanlu milk powder tainted with melamine, a toxic industrial chemical that can cause kidney stones and lead to kidney failure. The scandal highlights the...

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