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Turtle Fossil Found In Colombia Is Round Like A Car Tire
2012-07-12 11:12:35

Paleontologist Carlos Jaramillo's group at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama and colleagues at North Carolina State University and the Florida Museum of Natural History discovered a new species of fossil turtle that lived 60 million years ago in what is now northwestern South America. The team's findings were published in the Journal of Paleontology. The new turtle species is named Puentemys mushaisaensis because it was found in La Puente pit in Cerrejón...

Image 1 - New Ancient Crocodile Named
2011-09-15 12:48:29

  Did an ancient crocodile relative give the world's largest snake a run for its money? In a new study appearing Sept. 15 in the journal Palaeontology, University of Florida researchers describe a new 20-foot extinct species discovered in the same Colombian coal mine with Titanoboa, the world's largest snake. The findings help scientists better understand the diversity of animals that occupied the oldest known rainforest ecosystem, which had higher temperatures than today, and could...

2009-02-04 15:30:00

An international team of scientists announced Wednesday the discovery in northern Colombia of fossil remains of the largest snake ever known to have lived. The scientists named the 2,500 pound, 43 ft. long snake Titanoboa cerrejonensis ("ty-TAN-o-BO-ah sare-ah-HONE-en-siss"), meaning titanic boa from Cerrejon, the open-pit coal mine where the fossils were discovered. "This thing weighs more than a bison and is longer than a city bus," snake expert Jack Conrad of the American Museum of...

2008-10-31 06:00:15

TORONTO, Oct. 31 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Galway Resources Ltd. (GWY: TSX-V) is pleased to announce today that it has entered into an option agreement with Rio Tinto Mining and Exploration Corporation (Rio Tinto) to acquire 100% interest in nine coal concessions totaling 7,500 hectares, roughly 50% of the previously drilled San Louis Coal basin located in Santander, Colombia. The project will be known as Carboluis. "We are pleased to announce the first project resulting from our Colombian...

2008-09-29 14:41:07

BHP Billiton Petroleum (NYSE:BHP) (NYSE:BBL) announced today that it has acquired exploration rights to an onshore block of approximately 7,750,000 acres in the Llanos Basin, Colombia. The Company signed a Technical Evaluation Agreement with the Agencia Nacional de Hidrocarburos (ANH) to explore block CPE-5. "We are extremely pleased with this result," said Steve O'Rourke, President Exploration, BHP Billiton Petroleum. "The Colombian government ran a very successful bid round and the...

2008-05-21 12:00:29

ST. LOUIS, May 21 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Peabody Energy today announced that Julian Thornton has been promoted to Managing Director for Australian Operations. In his new role, Thornton will be responsible for all of Peabody's Australia operations throughout New South Wales and Queensland. "Australia is the fastest-growing contributor to Peabody's global coal platform," said Peabody Energy Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Eric Ford. "We are pleased to have Julian at...

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