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2012-07-03 10:25:59

Drugs are first to topically deliver gene therapy via commercial moisturizers for skin disease treatment “Getting under your skin” takes on a brave new meaning thanks to Northwestern University research that could transform gene regulation. A team led by a physician-scientist and a chemist -- from the fields of dermatology and nanotechnology -- is the first to demonstrate the use of commercial moisturizers to deliver gene regulation technology that has great potential for...

2011-10-14 09:36:17

Design rules will enable scientists to build desired nanomaterials for broad application of nanotechnology to address social challenges, bolstering industry and creating jobs Learning the rules for consistently arranging nanoparticles, like nature arranges atoms into molecules and materials, has been a goal of scientists for quite some time because doing so is essential to capitalize on nanotechnology's potential for broad application. This challenge has now been met for a class of...

2011-10-13 21:00:54

New processes that allow nanoparticles to assemble themselves into designer materials could solve some of today's technology challenges, Alex Travesset of Iowa State University and the Ames Laboratory reports in the Oct. 14 issue of the journal Science. Travesset, an associate professor of physics and astronomy and an associate of the U.S. Department of Energy's Ames Laboratory, writes in the journal's Perspectives section that the controlled self-assembly of nanoparticles could help...

2008-01-31 18:15:00

U.S. Researchers announced that, using DNA, they have made a three-dimensional structure from particles of gold in a development that could lead to a host of custom-designed materials. Reuters reported that this technique helps solve a basic problem with nanoscience: getting impossibly small particles to assemble themselves according to a predetermined design.Scientists use the molecular biology of DNA in which one strand bonds with another to make a base pair. "We're using inspiration from...

2007-11-25 09:00:00

Minuscule particles engineered to cause human cells to make their own medicines, regenerate damaged organs and even send up flares to let researchers know each time they kill a cancer cell are already working in labs and poised for commercialization in a few years. Such applications, including sending tiny robotlike machines into human cells to diagnose pathology and treat it, are likely to revolutionize medicine in the next few years, scientists predict. An early leader is Nanosphere Inc.,...

2007-02-19 21:00:34

By Rick Cundiff, Ocala Star-Banner, Fla. Feb. 18--OCALA -- Some business executives think big. Wayne Krause thinks small. Really small. Almost as small as it's possible to get. Krause is vice president of operations for a new company called Nanobio LLC. The company is on the cutting edge of nanotechnology, the science of manufacturing useful products too small to be seen without a scanning electron microscope. "I believe ... that it's limitless," Krause said. "You're taking...

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