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Why Do Women Cringe At The Thought Of Trying On Swimsuits?
2012-04-27 09:28:33

Connie K. Ho for RedOrbit.com Swimsuit season may not entirely be starting yet, but women all over the world are feeling the effects of it. It is intimidating for any girl to wear a bathing suit in public, but even more so in private dressing rooms. Dressing rooms can be cramped with bad lighting, making females unknowingly put more pressure on themselves through self-scrutiny. This idea of self-reflection through a variety of forms of clothing, from swimsuits to jeans and a sweater, was...

2012-03-15 22:57:20

Public change rooms can cause body anxieties for women Sweating in the gym, surrounded by others, pounding to the beat in group exercise class has become the norm for many women. But when it comes to the experience of changing in the locker room, the acts of disrobing, dressing, showering and being naked in front of others, can be very discomfiting. It's a complex experience as women are faced with an awareness of their bodies different than in any other space. "I walk into the change...

2011-07-01 00:18:31

The Celáre brand redefines Health and Fitness guest storage and security with an entirely new product launch of shared and assigned use lockers. Petaluma, CA (PRWEB) June 30, 2011 Security People Inc. is proud to announce the launch of an entirely new line of fitness and lifestyle lockers. Celáre lockers are available in a variety of design styles that utilize the state of the art keyless locks by Digilock in a variety of security levels. Celáre is innovation in...

2009-05-15 13:46:56

A Polish woman who discovered a camera secretly filming her in a swimsuit fitting room says she was even more shocked by the store managers' attitude. The 35-year-old woman, identified only as Aleksandra, said she shed all of her clothing before trying on a swimming suit in a ladies changing room in a store in Rybnik, near Katowice in southwestern Poland. When she turned around to see in a mirror how the suit fit her, she was shocked to see a small hidden camera filming her, the Polish Web...

2008-01-10 21:00:12

By Larry Beahan I used to be such a good swimmer that once, during a Republican administration, they let me take the Buffalo lifeguard exam over the telephone. Now I swim laps at the YMCA, where half the fun is locker room raillery. Half of which is about who they ought to make swim on the slow side of the pool. The rest is largely unprintable outside the Police Gazette. If a swimmer on the fast side of the pool is holding up the parade, she or he comes under social pressure to move to...

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