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Catching Dyslexia Before Reading Begins
2012-04-06 09:44:34

New research published in the journal Current Biology finds that signs of dyslexia begin well before children learn to read and for reasons that do not necessarily reflect other language skills, giving researchers an insight into a causal connection between early visual attention problems and a later diagnosis of dyslexia. “Visual attention deficits are surprisingly way more predictive of future reading disorders than are language abilities at the pre-reading stage,” said study...

2005-06-01 06:49:11

Sensory, rather than visual deficits, may be to blame HealthDay News -- A problem in basic sensory perception may be at the root of dyslexia -- a learning disorder that causes reading and spelling problems -- according to a new study. The University of Wisconsin-Madison (UWM) and University of Southern California study contradicts the popular theory that deficits in certain visual processes result in the problems experienced by people with the disorder. The study, published online in the May...

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