Latest Charlie Kemp Stories

2011-03-09 09:55:00

For people, being touched can initiate many different reactions from comfort to discomfort, from intimacy to aggression. But how might people react if they were touched by a robot? Would they recoil, or would they take it in stride? In an initial study, researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology found people generally had a positive response toward being touched by a robotic nurse, but that their perception of the robot's intent made a significant difference. The research is being...

2008-03-19 17:00:00

Robots are fluent in their native language of 1 and 0 absolutes but struggle to grasp the nuances and imprecise nature of human language. While scientists are making slow, incremental progress in their quest to create a robot that responds to speech, gestures and body language, a more straightforward method of communication may help robots find their way into homes sooner.A team of researchers led by Charlie Kemp, director of the Center for Healthcare Robotics in the Health Systems Institute...

2008-03-13 03:35:00

A robot named "El-E" that could help patients with degenerative diseases was unveiled Wednesday during an Amsterdam conference. The robot's Georgia Tech and Emory University creators designed the 5 ½-foot-tall El-E with a focus on interacting with humans. With two lenses for eyes and speaking zany catch phrases upon completion of various tasks, the robot aims to provide lower cost alternatives to service animals such as guide dogs and monkeys. One of the key...

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This word comes the Latin 'lambere,' to lick.