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2008-08-22 09:00:43

By JOHN ROGERS By John Rogers The Associated Press LOS ANGELES They're not a singing group but they play one on TV - and very successfully, we might add. But don't even begin to get into it about whether the Cheetah Girls are friends in real life. "We're like sisters!" Adrienne Bailon declares.

2008-08-22 06:00:26

By Bill Keveney The Cheetah Girls: One World lives up to its title.

2008-08-21 21:00:24

By AMY AMATANGELO Even though they star in the successful "Cheetah Girls" franchise, Adrienne Bailon, Kiely Williams and Sabrina Bryan want you to know they are normal girls. While promoting their latest film, "The Cheetah Girls: One World" (premiering tomorrow at 8 p.m.

2008-08-18 00:00:25

By Mike Hughes The good news about stardom is that it can take you to new heights. The bad news? Sometimes, those heights are atop a moving elephant. "I was so petrified," Adrienne Bailon said.

2008-07-31 09:01:16

Cheetah Oil and Gas Ltd. (OTCBB: COGL) (the "Company") is pleased to announce change of Management. Effective July 29, 2008 Robert McAllister became President and Chief Executive Officer and Georgina Martin currently a director was appointed Chief Financial Officer.

2008-07-31 06:00:40

The Cheetah Girls are having what their fans would call a Cheetahlicious year.

2008-06-20 06:00:23

By Matt Campbell, The Kansas City Star, Mo. Jun. 20--Big cats in zoos tend to just lounge around, looking bored. But spots became blurs Thursday as three cheetahs at the Kansas City Zoo raced after their prey.

2008-06-19 12:50:00

Despite tensions between their governments, wildlife experts from Iran and the West are collaborating to save endangered Asiatic cheetahs from extinction in the rugged, mountainous region of central Iran.

2008-05-29 15:00:27

PROVIDENCE -- One of Roger Williams Park Zoo's most popular residents was euthanized earlier this week after a long bout with arthritis, according to spokeswoman Laura Dunn.

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Giant Cheetah, Acinonyx pardinensis
2012-10-27 17:25:42

The giant cheetah (Acinonyx pardinensis) is an extinct species of cat that is the closest relative of the modern cheetah. This species could be found in Europe during the early and middle years of the Pleistocene. Its range included Germany, France, India, and China, and it shared this range with leopards and jaguars. It is thought that competition with these smaller cats may have caused the giant cheetah’s extinction. The giant cheetah is thought to have been twice the size of modern...

Acinonyx Kurteni
2012-10-27 17:20:10

Acinonyx kurteni is an extinct, carnivorous species classified in the Felidae family. This cat was native to Asia in the Late Pliocene, around 2.5 million years ago. It was first described in 2008, and is the most primitive species of cheetah known. Its discovery defends the modern cheetah’s Old World origin. There are some differences between the two species, but these are mainly in the mouth area. Since its classification and formal description, some have asserted that the Acinonyx...

Thomson’s Gazelle, Eudorcas thomsonii
2012-06-17 19:56:59

Thomson’s gazelle (Eudorcas thomsonii) is also known as a “tommie” and is one of the most well-known gazelle species. Named after Joseph Thomson, Thomson’s gazelle is native to Africa where it is the most commonly found gazelle. It is sometimes considered a subspecies of the red-fronted gazelle, and was previously in the genus Gazella, in the subgenus Eudorcas. Eudorcas eventually became a distinct genus, classifying some species of gazelle within their own genus. Thomson’s...

Grant’s Gazelle, Nanger granti
2012-06-15 12:08:26

Grant’s gazelle (Nanger granti) is native to Africa. Its northern range of Tanzania extends south to Ethiopia and the Sudan, and from the coast of Kenya to Lake Victoria. It prefers habitats within shrub lands and grass plains, but can also be found in regions that are more arid. In Swahili, Grant’s gazelle is called Swala Granti. It was placed within the Nanger subgenus of the genus Gazella, before Nanger became a separate genus. Grant’s gazelle holds five recognized subspecies. The...

2007-01-19 19:19:34

The Asiatic cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus venaticus) is a rare critically endangered subspecies of the cheetah found primarily in Iran. It is an atypical member of the cat family (Felidae) that hunts by speed rather than by stealth or pack tactics. It lives in a vast fragmented desert and although recently extinct in India it is also known as the Indian cheetah. It is the fastest of all land animals and can reach speeds of up to 70 mph (112 km/h). The cheetah is well known for its amazing...

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