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Spruce Fir Moss Spider Microhexura montivaga
2013-08-26 12:08:18

The Spruce Fir Moss Spider (Microhexura montivaga) is an endangered species of spider that can be found at high elevations in the southern Appalachian Mountains. Initially identified in 1923, they inhabit moss that grows on rocks under the forest canopy. It is one of the smallest mygalomorph spiders, with the adults only measuring 3 to 4 millimeters. The coloration varies from light brown to...

Kimura Gumo Spider Heptathela kimurai
2013-08-26 11:59:56

The Kimura Gumo or Kimura Spider (Heptathela kimurai) is an Old World spider, located mainly in Japan and named after Kimura Arika, who discovered the spider in 1920. It belongs to the sub-order Mesothelae, a group of primitive burrowing spider, and can reach up to 3 centimeters long. Their burrows are covered by a camouflaged “pill box” flap. The ancestral characteristics of this spider...

Redbacked Jumping Spider
2009-07-03 19:06:41

The Redbacked Jumping spider (Phidippus johnsoni) is one of the largest and most common jumping spiders in the western parts of North America. It is not to be mistaken for the highly venomous and unrelated Redback spider (Latrodectus hasselti). The Redbacked Jumping spider may inflict a painful bite in self defense if threatened, although there are not any serious medical consequences....

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