Latest Chest radiograph Stories

2008-07-18 12:01:14

By DAVID ROSS HIGHLAND CORRESPONDENT A REVIEW of diagnoses at a Scottish hospital, which was announced after concerns were raised about the work of a consultant radiologist, has been widened to cover hundreds more patients.

2008-07-16 03:00:16

By Allen, Timothy Craig * Context.-Pulmonary Langerhans cell histiocytosis is the most common and best known pulmonary histocytic lesion; however, the realm of pulmonary histiocytic lesions also includes an assortment of uncommon diseases that may exhibit pulmonary involvement.

2008-03-04 00:10:00

Researchers in North Carolina reported Monday that emergency room patients receive the equivalent of 1,005 chest x-rays, enough radiation to increase their risk of cancer.

2006-01-27 12:15:00

The increased cancer risk from annual CT scanning of patients with cystic fibrosis is currently modest, but will become more substantial as patients with the disease live longer, an international team of researchers reports.

2005-12-20 16:48:30

By Megan Rauscher NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Screening chest x-ray detects a substantial number of lung cancers at an early potentially curable stage, according to initial findings from the largest US study of the efficacy of screening for lung cancer in men and women.

2004-11-28 03:00:14

Study objectives: This study examines long-term trends in incidence rates of hospitalized pulmonary sarcoidosis in a large cohort of Navy personnel, and evaluates the possible relationship of sarcoidosis with occupation.

2004-11-28 03:00:13

Study objective: This study investigated the clinical features and disease course of sarcoidosis diagnosed in patients > 70 years of age. Methods: A retrospective analysis was made of cases treated at the University Hospital in Nantes, France, between 1986 and 2000.

2004-11-26 03:00:10

A rare differential diagnosis for secondary hypertension is Carney's triad-extra-adrenal paraganglioma, gastric leiomyosarcoma, pulmonary chondroma.1 CASE HISTORY A man aged 46 with known refractory hypertension was referred for investigation after a year of occipital headaches on exertion and six months of increasing lethargy and fatigue.

2004-11-26 03:00:09

Extrapulmonary involvement can occur in isolation or along with a pulmonary focus as in the case of patients with disseminated tuberculosis (TB).

2004-11-25 09:00:13

A 32-year-old woman is short of breath, but the clinical picture is unusual. It's about 8 p.m. in the hospital, and I'm admitting this person with what is supposedly just asthma.

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