Latest Child sexuality Stories

2012-06-23 23:01:00

Stacy Pendarvis, consultant and noted child sexual abuse prevention specialist notifies public about free comprehensive, powerful education and awareness programs offer adults real tools to prevent

2012-06-14 23:00:32

The Diana Screen is the only one effective, scientifically validated screening assessment tool that identifies those who pose a sexual abuse threat to children and youth.

2012-05-01 23:01:42

National background screening company chief executive officer Don Dymer supports Florida Governor Rick Scott signing into law a bill that goes into effect October 1,2012, requiring anyone to report

2012-03-30 23:01:59

Don Dymer, president and chief executive officer of SingleSource Services background screening corporation warns of limitations of relying strictly on criminal record reports. Jacksonville

2011-04-26 00:00:27

Free Registration for TAALK’s 24hr TAALK-A-THON this Friday, April 29th, beginning at 8:00am(pdt). You will hear from survivors of child sexual abuse and learn many ways to keep children better protected.

2011-04-22 00:00:29

Learn many ways to keep children better protected during TAALK’s 24hr TAALK-A-THON on April 29th, beginning at 8:00am(pdt). TAALK Tip # 5: Nearly 40 percent of children who are abused are abused by older and larger children that they know*.

2011-02-28 14:56:56

Sexuality and religion are generally considered uncomfortable bedfellows.

2009-08-04 12:22:04

Girls who are repeatedly raped through genital penetration seldom have obvious physical evidence to confirm it, says a report in the journal Pediatrics.

2009-02-13 22:36:24

Scottish researchers suggest there are differences between those who gradually recover memories of abuse in therapy and those who remember more spontaneously. Psychologist Elke Geraerts of the University of St.

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