Latest Childhood obesity Stories

2013-12-03 23:00:19

The new “13 obesity prevention tips” article on the site Vkool.com teaches people how to prevent obesity in children naturally and easily. Seattle, Wa (PRWEB) December 03, 2013 The new “13 obesity prevention tips” article on the site Vkool.com instructs people how to prevent obesity in children without following a harsh diet plan. This article is actually suitable for those parents and caretakers who want to help their children get a healthy weight naturally. In addition, those...

Moms Spend More Time Watching TV, Less Time On Physical Activity
2013-12-03 04:32:36

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online US mothers spend more time watching television and participating in other sedentary activities than they do cooking, cleaning and exercising combined, according to new research appearing in the December edition of the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings. The study, led by University of South Carolina exercise scientist and epidemiologist Edward Archer, is a follow-up to a study published earlier this year which claimed that women...

2013-11-26 16:27:31

Study links genetic predisposition to childhood obesity Research has suggested that a particular gene in the brain's reward system contributes to overeating and obesity in adults. This same variant has now been linked to childhood obesity and tasty food choices, particularly for girls, according to a new study by Dr. Patricia Silveira and Prof. Michael Meaney of McGill University and Dr. Robert Levitan of the University of Toronto. Contrary to "blaming" obese individuals for making poor...

2013-11-15 23:00:30

Children’s Obesity Fund cofounders Dr. Michael Omidi and his brother Julian Omidi are pleased to announce their support of the Above the Rim Gym, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting childhood fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship. (PRWEB) November 15, 2013 In order to stimulate greater physical activity for kids, the nonprofit Children’s Obesity Fund announces its support of Above the Rim Gym and its youth basketball programs. Today’s crisis of childhood obesity demands...

2013-11-10 23:01:24

The celebrity-hosted show will air an upcoming segment that touches on the child obesity epidemic in the United States. Coral Springs, FL (PRWEB) November 10, 2013 The producers of Health Briefs TV are pleased to announce they are working on a segment which will feature information about the child obesity problem in the country. The prevalence of kids who are overweight has tripled since 1980, according to the CDC. While there are many assumptions as to how children become overweight, the...

2013-11-05 10:43:17

University of Cincinnati research shows how Web-based, at-home interventions can help mothers address behaviors known to protect against childhood obesity. University of Cincinnati research explains how motherly influence could be even more effective when supported by Web-based parent education programs. Adam Knowlden, a former doctoral student at UC and current assistant professor in the University of Alabama's Health Science Department, hopes his research can better prepare moms to...

US Girls Entering Puberty Earlier Than Ever
2013-11-04 09:49:51

Brett Smith for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Sometimes it seems like today’s children are growing up faster than ever, and a new study published in the journal Pediatrics has found that American girls are indeed entering puberty earlier than ever before. The study also found a strong connection between female childhood obesity and the early onset of puberty. "The impact of earlier maturation in girls has important clinical implications involving psychosocial and biologic...

Kids Who Sleep For Longer Periods Are Less Likely To Overeat: Study
2013-11-04 08:28:17

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Children who get plenty of sleep are less likely to overeat and become overweight, according to a new study from Temple University. After conducting an assessment of 37 children, the researchers found that children who slept for longer throughout the night consumed fewer calories in the day and weighed less. This reduction in weight is likely due to lower levels of the hormone Leptin, a hunger-regulating hormone that has been blamed...

2013-10-30 23:32:34

The Children’s Obesity Fund announces its support of the University of Florida Health Jacksonville’s Children’s Health Habits Integrated for Life program, which hopes to reduce the risk of diabetes and obesity for African American children by promoting healthy lifestyles. The initial research component of the program studies the development of a community-based childhood obesity intervention effort. (PRWEB) October 30, 2013 Dr. Michael Omidi and his brother Julian Omidi, through...

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