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2011-06-08 07:26:00

HONG KONG, June 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Many students around the world find learning to write Chinese characters one of the most challenging aspects of mastering the language, but Molatra Limited's (http://www.trainchinese.com) new trainchinese Chinese Writer application turns the activity into a game. Designed for students of all ages and learning levels, the app is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and is available from the iTunes App Store...

2010-10-20 08:25:00

Mobile phone-based games could provide a new way to teach basic knowledge of Chinese language characters that might be particularly helpful in underdeveloped rural areas of China, say researchers in Carnegie Mellon University's Mobile & Immersive Learning for Literacy in Emerging Economies (MILLEE) Project. Earlier this year, researchers reported that two mobile learning games, inspired by traditional Chinese games, showed promise during preliminary tests with children in Xin'an, an...

2009-04-29 08:51:33

Facial recognition is not as automatic as it may seem. Researchers have identified specific areas in the brain devoted solely to picking out faces among other objects we encounter. Two specific effects have been established as being critical for facial recognition "“ holistic processing (in which we view the face as a whole, instead of in various parts) and left-side bias (in which we have a preference for the left side of the face). Psychologists Janet H. Hsiao from the University of...

2008-06-22 12:00:05

By Souren Melikian Nothing is less universal than art, contrary to a widespread conviction rooted in French 18th-century ideas about the equality of all men and the assumed analogy of all that mankind strives to achieve. Some of those who cling to that long cherished notion may see things otherwise after viewing the illuminating show "How to Read Chinese Paintings," on view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art until Aug. 1. And should they still question the existence of a fundamental...

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