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2010-12-29 07:20:15

While English may currently be the international language of business and commerce, it may soon be taking a backseat to Chinese, which could soon take English's place as the most dominant language on the Internet. An infographic making its way around the Internet showcases the growing prominence of Chinese users on the Web, and that Chinese may be the dominant language on the world wide web in less than five years. The rise of the Chinese language is no shock given the population of China....

2010-10-30 00:00:41

The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center is saying, "it's too bad the national press has failed to cover the US toxic Chinese drywall disaster, and/or President Obama's failure to respond in person to this major US disaster. It's been almost two years, and President Obama has yet to address the toxic Chinese drywall disaster one time in public? But he has time to do Comedy Central?" The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center estimates in the US Southeast alone there are well over 200,000 new or...

2010-10-20 08:25:00

Mobile phone-based games could provide a new way to teach basic knowledge of Chinese language characters that might be particularly helpful in underdeveloped rural areas of China, say researchers in Carnegie Mellon University's Mobile & Immersive Learning for Literacy in Emerging Economies (MILLEE) Project. Earlier this year, researchers reported that two mobile learning games, inspired by traditional Chinese games, showed promise during preliminary tests with children in Xin'an, an...

2010-06-25 06:45:00

PLEASANT HILL, Calif., June 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Do you know that there was a law called "Chinese Exclusion Act"? Do you know what kind of suffering the law caused to tens of thousands of hardworking human beings? The Chinese Exclusion Act (CEA) passed by the U.S. congress in 1882, and amended many times excluding Chinese from immigrating to the U.S., restricted the rights and activities of Chinese residents in America. It constituted a clear and significant abuse of the U.S. constitution...

2010-06-02 15:43:53

Brain research suggests Chinese-speaking adults reading English recall the sound of Chinese translations Adults fluent in English whose first language is Chinese retrieve their native language when reading in English, according to new research in the June 2 issue of The Journal of Neuroscience. This study suggests that people who learn a second language in adolescence or later recall the sounds of words from their native language. The scientists who conducted the study, Yan Jing Wu, PhD, and...

2010-04-19 05:00:00

PITTSBURGH, April 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Jibbigo, the world's first and leading speech-to-speech translation app, will release its English/Chinese version for the iPhone 3GS and 2nd generation iTouch on April 19. Jibbigo, because it relies on software that resides completely on the device, enables transparent communication across cultures by voice without the need for data links to a large network server. Threats such as the potential shutdown of Google over censorship claims in China...

2009-12-28 11:20:00

Internet hulk Google is being sued by the provocative Chinese author Mian Mian for an alleged violation of copyright laws, her lawyer announced on Monday. In the first civil lawsuit to be leveled against Google in China, the case is bound to draw even more negative press to the Web giant's already controversial plans for a massive Web-based digital library. Mian's attorney, Sun Jinwei, told AFP reporters that the case will open on Tuesday in Beijing. "Tomorrow afternoon at the Haidian court,...

2009-11-12 12:30:00

BEIJING, Nov. 12 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Hudong.com, the world's largest Chinese encyclopedia website, today announced a strategic alliance with wenxuecity.com and other popular overseas Chinese websites that include sina.com, backchina.com and mitbbs.com, marking the first step in its strategy to expand into overseas Chinese market. Hudong.com has rapidly gained popularity in overseas Chinese markets during the last two months. In early September, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales visited...

2009-11-04 09:00:00

BEIJING, Nov. 4 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- http://www.mychineselearning.com is pleased to announce its partnership with Peking University's Chinese Government Cultural Development Research Center to jointly develop distance learning materials that give improved access to anyone who wishes to learn Chinese online. The result of this teamwork is a rollout of a technology that benefits anyone with an internet connection, and a yearning to learn Chinese, with tailored one-on-one personalized...

2009-10-12 12:40:00

Chinese-speaking children with dyslexia have a disorder that is distinctly different, and perhaps more complicated and severe, than that of English speakers. Those differences can be seen in the brain and in the performance of Chinese children on visual and oral language tasks, reveals a report published online on October 12th in Current Biology, a Cell Press publication. English dyslexia consists of a "phonological disorder," meaning that people with the condition have trouble detecting or...

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