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2011-03-04 16:10:55

Twenty of the 22 rocket manufacturing facilities are completed in the northern Chinese port city of Tianjin, the Global Times said. The increasingly ambitious country is gearing up to build rockets for its budding space program with an eye towards landing astronauts on the moon.The latest rockets, named Long March IV and V will be designed and built at the 500-acre complex, AFP reports, citing Liang Xiaohong, vice head of the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology.With a payload capacity...

2010-10-10 07:15:00

China's second lunar probe entered the moon's orbit Saturday, three years after its first successful lunar probe launch, which remained in orbit for 16 months. The news, reported by Chinese state media, comes just eight days after the Long March 3C rocket carrying the Chang'e-2 probe blasted off from its launch center. The probe will begin "scientific exploration activities soon," said the Xinhua news agency, quoting the Beijing Aerospace Control Center. The probe will first circle the...

2010-09-28 12:03:12

State media reported Tuesday that China is making final preparations to launch its second lunar probe, possibly as soon as Friday, when the country marks 61 years of communist rule. The official China Daily reported that a launch rocket carrying the Chang'e-2 has been set up in the southwestern province of Sichuan. It said that chief program engineers have arrived at the satellite launch center in the city of Xichang to carry out final tests.  The launch could take place on October 1,...

2010-08-17 09:45:00

China has completed work on their first module for an unmanned space station, and currently plan to put the module into orbit sometime next year, according to Xinhua News Agency reports on Tuesday. The 8.5 metric ton Tiangong-1 "is expected to carry out China's first space docking, with the Shenzhou-8 spacecraft, which will be launched in the second half of 2011," according to Xinhua reporters. Citing an unidentified source from the Chinese military, the news agency also said that officials...

2010-07-27 06:10:00

A new super-powerful engine is being considered by Chinese engineers for the next generation of space rockets, according to officials. Li Tongyu, general manager of marketing at the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT), told BBC News that engineers are currently analyzing a rocket engine with the thrust of 600 metric tons, burning an extremely potent liquid oxygen propellant. If the development is a success, it would increase the country's space capabilities exponentially....

2010-03-11 06:20:00

Two Chinese women have been selected as part of a seven-person interstellar crew, marking the first time in China's history that females will participate in the nation's growing space program. The unnamed women, both of whom have been identified as aero-transport pilots from the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force, will join five men in China's second-generation of astronauts, according to Zhang Jianqi, the former deputy commander of the China National Space Administration. "In the...

2009-09-14 12:30:00

China on Monday started construction on its newest space center on Hainan island. The Wenchang Space Satellite Launch Center will be the nation's fourth launch base and its first coastal space center. The launch center should be completed by 2013, according to reports from the Hainan Daily. According to AFP, Chang Wanquan, of the Central Military Commission, and Chen Qiufa, head of the State Commission for Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, were in attendance at the...

2009-07-30 09:47:42

The Obama Administration has an opportunity to fundamentally reformulate United States space policies that are anchored in Cold War-era mindsets, according to the director of an American Academy of Arts and Sciences study. At a Capitol Hill briefing today in conjunction with the release of three new policy monographs, experts outlined the current state of U.S. and foreign space policy and encouraged the Administration to set a clear direction that advances the country's national security,...

2009-03-03 19:30:00

China will soon start the construction of a new space shuttle launch center in its Hainan Province, officials said. The new space launch center was approved by the State Council and the Military Commission at the end of 2008, Xinhua reported Tuesday Sources told the state-run news service that the launch facility in Wenchang City will have high carriage efficiency, high launch capacity and low launch costs. The Wenchang Space Launch Center will also have facilities to transfer, test and...

2009-03-02 06:30:00

On Sunday, China ended a 16-month lunar mission by intentionally crashing its probe into the moon. According to Xinhua News Agency, the Chang'e 1 lunar satellite collided with the moon mid-afternoon Beijing time. The Chang'e 1, which is named for the moon goddess, was under remote control by two observation stations in east China's Qingdao and Kashgar, a small city in northwest China. The lunar probe surveyed the surface of the moon using stereo radar. Originally launched in October 2007, the...

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