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Magellanic Plover
2009-02-21 20:47:40

The Magellanic Plover (Pluvianellus socialis) is a rare and unique species of bird found only in southernmost South America. As its relationships to other plovers are uncertain, this bird is placed in its own family, Pluvianellidae. It is not migratory, but some populations move further north into southern Argentina in winter. The upperparts and breast are pale gray, and the rest of the...

Black-faced Sheathbill
2009-02-21 20:39:41

The Black-faced Sheathbill (Chionis minor) also known as the Lesser Sheathbill or Paddy, is a species of bird that is restricted to the sub-Antarctic islands in the southern Indian Ocean. This includes the South African territory of the Prince Edward Islands, the French territories of the Crozet Islands and Kerguelen Islands, and the Australian territory of Heard Island. The birds on Heard...

Snowy Sheathbill
2009-02-21 20:36:35

The Snowy Sheathbill (Chionis alba) also known as the Pale-faced Sheathbill, is a species of bird that is mostly terrestrial (ground dwelling). It is Antarctica's only permanently land-based bird species. It occurs in Antarctica, the Scotia Arc, the South Orkneys and South Georgia. The extreme southern populations migrate northward in the winter. The adult is about 15 to 16 inches long with...

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