Latest Chitinase Stories

2011-09-21 18:55:20

Discovery in insects' skin could lead to improved pest control, new bioplastics technology Scientists may soon be able to make pest insects buzz off for good or even turn them into models for new technologies, all thanks to a tiny finding with enormous potential. Sujata Chaudhari, a Kansas State University doctoral candidate in biochemistry, Pune, India, is the senior author of a study that was published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, also called PNAS....

2010-06-24 14:20:28

Exposure to high levels of fungus may increase the risk of severe asthma attacks among people with certain chitinase gene variants, according to a study from Harvard Medical School, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute and Brigham and Women's Hospital. The research was published online on the American Thoracic Society's journal Web site ahead of the print edition of the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. "We found that the interaction between environmental mold...

2010-02-09 14:30:00

Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute have discovered a potential new use for the drug closantel, currently the standard treatment for sheep and cattle infected with liver fluke. The new research suggests that the drug may be useful in combating river blindness, a tropical disease that is the world's second leading infectious cause of blindness for humans. The study is scheduled for publication in an advance, online Early Edition of the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of...

2008-08-27 03:00:48

By Yasuda, Michiko Ishikawa, Atsushi; Jikumaru, Yusuke; Seki, Motoaki; Umezawa, Taishi; Asami, Tadao; Maruyama-Nakashita, Akiko; Kudo, Toshiaki; Shinozaki, Kazuo; Yoshida, Shigeo; Nakashita, Hideo Systemic acquired resistance (SAR) is a potent innate immunity system in plants that is effective against a broad range of pathogens. SAR development in dicotyledonous plants, such as tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) and Arabidopsis thaliana, is mediated by salicylic acid (SA). Here, using two types of...

2005-08-01 18:19:30

Bethesda, MD "“ In a recent study published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, scientists report on the discovery of a new molecule that is essential for degradation of the biopolymer chitin. This new molecule could eventually aid in the engineering of fungi-resistant plants and could also lead to the discovery of similar molecules that can be used in cellulose-based biofuel production. The research appears as the "Paper of the Week" in the August 5 issue of the Journal of...

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