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A Nutrient Found In Meat And Eggs Could Influence Gene Expression From Infancy To Adulthood
2012-09-20 17:20:51

Implications for Wide Range of Disorders — Hypertension to Mental Health Problems Just as women are advised to get plenty of folic acid around the time of conception and throughout early pregnancy, new research suggests another very similar nutrient may one day deserve a spot on the obstetrician´s list of recommendations. Consuming greater amounts of choline — a nutrient found in eggs and meat — during pregnancy may lower an infant´s vulnerability to...

2012-08-02 12:58:04

Most women in the US consume too little choline, an essential nutrient found in eggs New research from Cornell University indicates that pregnant women who increase choline intake in the third trimester of pregnancy may reduce the risk of the baby developing metabolic and chronic stress-related diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes later in life. The results, published in the latest edition of the Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, suggest...

2012-07-31 12:38:35

New research in the FASEB Journal suggests that choline supplementation in pregnant women lowers cortisol in the baby by changing epigenetic expression of genes involved in cortisol production If you're sick from stress, a new research report appearing in the August 2012 issue of The FASEB Journal (http://www.fasebj.org) suggests that what your mother ate–or didn't eat–may be part of the cause. The report shows that choline intake that is higher than what is generally...

2012-07-11 07:17:07

Connie K. Ho for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Forgetfulness. Language problems. These are just a few symptoms of Alzheimer´s. With the Baby Boomers growing older, more resources are spent on developing resources for those diagnosed with Alzheimer´s. Recently, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) revealed that, through clinical trials, they have discovered a nutrient mixture that can boost memory in patients who are diagnosed with early...

2012-05-23 18:44:50

Studies on kidney stones, prostate cancer among highlights Mayo Clinic researchers will present findings on prostate cancer risk, screening, treatment and other urological research at the annual meeting of the American Urological Association May 19-23 in Atlanta. Mayo Clinic urologists will also be available to provide expert comment for reporters covering the conference. Mayo Clinic studies that will be presented and their embargo dates include: No negative impact on overall...

2012-05-03 11:48:30

Pregnant women may have added incentive to bulk up on broccoli and eggs now that a Cornell University study has found increased maternal intake of the nutrient choline could decrease their children's chances of developing hypertension and diabetes later in life. In a study led by Marie Caudill, associate professor of nutritional sciences, and graduate student Xinyin Jiang, a group of third-trimester pregnant women consumed 930 milligrams of choline, more than double the recommended 450...

2012-04-12 22:29:30

What is usually seen as pathology may aid survival of the species Worrying may have evolved along with intelligence as a beneficial trait, according to a recent study by scientists at SUNY Downstate Medical Center and other institutions. Jeremy Coplan, MD, professor of psychiatry at SUNY Downstate, and colleagues found that high intelligence and worry both correlate with brain activity measured by the depletion of the nutrient choline in theGlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals, Sackler...

2012-01-02 10:00:00

The study suggests in two groups, one having Omega-3 Fatty Acids and the other having vitamins B (B1, B2, B6, folate, and B12), C, D, and E, brain volume and functions was higher in the elderly. Expanding on this study, Nutri-Med Logic Corp states that while this study re-affirms the role of a proper diet, more specifically, an anti-inflammatory together with an anti-oxidant and methyl group provider for elderly, but the same diet should be included in the new-year resolution diet for all...

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