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Twitter Data Used To Calculate Happiness Index
2013-05-03 05:19:49

Brett Smith for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Many researchers have tried to read Twitter´s tea leaves for insight into a variety of things, including the stock market. Now a team from the University of Vermont is using statistics culled from the popular social networking site to gauge society´s ℠happiness index´ on a day-to-day basis. Using key words to identify the general mood of Tweeters, the team has developed a tool that can calculate the average mood...

2009-07-27 01:13:52

U.S. researchers monitoring blogs found Election Day 2008 was the happiest day in four years and the day Michael Jackson died was one of the unhappiest. Peter Dodds and Chris Danforth, a mathematician and computer scientist working in the Advanced Computing Center at the University of Vermont, said a Web site can mine through some 2.3 million blogs, looking for sentences beginning with I feel or I am feeling. We gathered nearly 10 million sentences from their site, Dodds said in a statement....

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