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2011-05-23 09:56:04

New robotic labs are now going mobile to collect ocean samples It looks a lot like a garbage can-"“but it's actually a fully functioning laboratory, thrown overboard, to analyze water samples in the open ocean. One day, a machine like it might tell us whether a beach is safe for swimming or water is clean enough to drink. The so-called "Lab in a Can" is nicknamed ESP. "The ESP is the Environmental Sample Processor. It is an instrument that collects water, allows you to extract...

2006-03-30 07:10:00

The microbes that inhabit deep-sea hydrothermal vent environments may be relics of the earliest life on Earth. Some of the most arresting images of life on our planet have come from the deep-sea world of hydrothermal vents. Massive chimneys belching superheated fluids, colonies of giant crimson-tipped tubeworms swaying in the current, swarms of tiny shrimp, albino crabs. These ecosystems, although isolated from life on the surface, contain a virtual zoo of creatures, thriving under...

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