Latest Christian views of divorce Stories

2008-11-28 00:43:32

The U.S. divorce rate has been dropping and some couples have much better odds than the often-quoted 50-50 chance of wedded bliss, researchers say. Betsey Stevenson of the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School said the divorce rate has been falling in the United States since 1979.

2008-02-29 03:00:10

By Lundquist, Jennifer Hickes The belief that enlisted military divorce rates are unusually high is a recurring theme expressed among those living in the military community, yet quantitative data on military divorce rates remain a virtual lacuna.

2007-03-02 10:23:42

By Coontz, Stephanie High rates of marital dissolution and easy access to divorce are not unprecedented, historically or cross-culturally. But contemporary divorce in North America and Western Europe has different origins and features than divorce in previous cultures.

2006-08-23 20:20:22

By Frances Yoon SEOUL (Reuters) - Monday morning is the busiest time of the week at divorce courts in South Korea as couples queue to end their marriages after bouts of weekend bickering.

2006-03-27 19:13:07

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A California man in the process of getting a divorce said on Monday he was suing a popular online dating service that barred him from joining until his marriage is officially over.