Latest Christian views of divorce Stories

2008-11-28 00:43:32

The U.S. divorce rate has been dropping and some couples have much better odds than the often-quoted 50-50 chance of wedded bliss, researchers say. Betsey Stevenson of the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School said the divorce rate has been falling in the United States since 1979. And, she said, the rate can vary widely according to demographics. For many of these folks, their divorce rates so far have fallen substantially compared with previous generations, Stevenson said in a...

2008-02-29 03:00:10

By Lundquist, Jennifer Hickes The belief that enlisted military divorce rates are unusually high is a recurring theme expressed among those living in the military community, yet quantitative data on military divorce rates remain a virtual lacuna. The all-volunteer enlisted force also happens to be an almost all-married enlisted force. Assessing the degree of marital dissolution experienced by military personnel has important implications for the well being of military families and also for...

2007-03-02 10:23:42

By Coontz, Stephanie High rates of marital dissolution and easy access to divorce are not unprecedented, historically or cross-culturally. But contemporary divorce in North America and Western Europe has different origins and features than divorce in previous cultures. The origins of modern divorce patterns date back more than 200 years, to the invention of the historically unprecedented idea that marriage should be based on love and mutual affection. Ironically, then, the fragility of...

2006-08-23 20:20:22

By Frances Yoon SEOUL (Reuters) - Monday morning is the busiest time of the week at divorce courts in South Korea as couples queue to end their marriages after bouts of weekend bickering. "Too many angry couples come to court for a divorce after an argument erupted over the weekend," Judge Yoo Jae-bok of the Taejon Family Court told Reuters. "They need counseling, not an on-the-spot divorce." On Monday mornings in particular, angry couples storm into divorce courts with tales of...

2006-03-27 19:13:07

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A California man in the process of getting a divorce said on Monday he was suing a popular online dating service that barred him from joining until his marriage is officially over. John Claassen, a 36-year-old lawyer, said he was ready to resume dating but maintains that Pasadena, California-based agency eHarmony is violating his civil rights by not letting him use its service before his divorce is official. The Oakland, California-based lawyer said he is...

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