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2011-08-06 05:28:36

Pottermore, the forthcoming website that will carry ebook versions of the popular J.K. Rowling Harry Potter novels, is proving to be a valuable tool in online con-artists spreading malware or hocking fake early access accounts, security expert Christopher Boyd has discovered. In a Thursday blog, Boyd, an employee of GFI Labs, points out that "access is currently limited for the Beta," and while lots of Harry Potter enthusiasts are "excited" about the first ebook editions of the novels and the...

2008-10-27 14:50:00

Experts are concerned over the increasing numbers of teenagers dabbling in hi-tech crime.Teenagers swapping credit card numbers, phishing kits and hacking tips populate many net forums, computer security professionals say.But the poor technical skills of many young hackers means they are very likely to get caught and arrested. Youth workers added that any teenager getting a criminal record would be putting their future at risk.Chris Boyd, director of malware research at FaceTime Security,...

2008-08-18 12:45:00

Computer users are being warned about possible attacks that take control of clipboards where copied text is stored. The recent attack stores a hard-to-delete weblink into the clipboard. If users follow the weblink, they will be led to a site selling fake security software. It affects both Windows and Mac users of the Firefox web browser. The attacks became more noticeable after victims reported that a weblink that appears in the clipboard in place of text they thought they had placed there....

2008-06-26 12:03:13

By Christopher Boyd, The Orlando Sentinel, Fla. Jun. 26--Have skyrocketing gas prices got you down? The same crude oil that is refined into fuel is also used to make plastics, fertilizers, roofing material and asphalt for roads. You might be surprised to see some of the many ways rising oil prices are affecting you. Dry cleaning Natural gas, which powers dryers at commercial laundries, is 36 percent more expensive than it was three months ago, said Romulo Gonzalez, owner of Perfection...

2008-06-20 12:00:41

By Christopher Boyd, The Orlando Sentinel, Fla. Jun. 20--Summer's here, and Florida's two largest investor-owned utilities have both filed petitions to increase electric rates to compensate for higher energy costs. The double whammy of hot weather and higher rates couldn't come at a worse time for financially stressed Floridians. Higher gasoline and food prices are placing a growing burden on household budgets. The rising cost of fuel is also pressuring utilities. Florida Power &...

2008-06-18 12:00:13

FaceTime Communications today announced that its Unified Security Gateway (USG) now secures and manages the nearly 2,000 MySpace applications that have been developed by third parties and are currently available for users to download to their MySpace profiles. This granular control of MySpace is complementary to the USG's support for more than 20,000 Facebook widgets, as was announced at the RSA Conference in April 2008. USG also supports granular control of other social networking sites...

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