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Doctors Raise Blood Pressure In Patients
2014-03-27 05:32:52

University of Exeter 'White coat effect' quantified in systematic review Doctors routinely record blood pressure levels that are significantly higher than levels recorded by nurses, the first thorough analysis of scientific data has revealed. A systematic review led by the University of Exeter Medical School, and supported by the National Institute for Health Research Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care in the South West Peninsula (NIHR PenCLAHRC), has...

Measuring Blood Pressure In Both Arms Could Reduce Death Risk
2012-03-21 10:51:12

Two studies from the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry report the first systematic review of findings showing that measuring blood pressure in both arms could reduce the risk of an early death in many people. The first study, published in the Lancet () in January, suggested that a difference of more than 10mmHg or 15mmHg in systolic blood pressure was an indicator of increased risk of vascular disease and mortality. The findings are based on 230 high blood pressure patients....

Hummingbird Males All A-Flutter During Courtship
2011-09-09 05:29:31

How the fluttering feathers of some hummingbird species generate courtship sounds [ View the Video ] Though famous for their mid-air hovering during hunting, tiny hummingbirds have another trait that is literally telltale: males of some hummingbird species generate loud sounds with their tail feathers while courting females. Now, for the first time, the cause of these sounds has been identified: a paper published in the Sep. 9, 2011 issue of Science by Christopher Clark of Yale...

2011-07-04 12:16:23

Virus-tested seeds proven to increase yields Sweetpotato is gaining popularity in the United States, where health-conscious consumers have created increased demand for the tasty, versatile food. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, per capita consumption of the crop increased over 24% from 1998-2008 and the value of the U.S. sweetpotato crop in 2009 exceeded $400 million. Production costs for sweetpotato crops are high, requiring that commercial growers optimize their production...

2010-02-03 14:16:00

Low-Tech Solar Panels Offer Low-Cost Energy To Developing Nations CLEVELAND, Feb. 3 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Around the world 1.6 billion people do not have access to electricity. Cleveland-area native Christopher Clark wants to change that. The 26-year-old Clark founded Sunflower Solutions after becoming aware of the rampant lack of power in developing areas and the myriad problems that stem from living without electricity. Clark's company is the latest Civic Innovation Lab...

2009-09-09 13:12:00

PHOENIX, Sept. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- U-Haul Company of Phoenix Metro today announced the promotion of Christopher Clark to president. Clark has proven leadership skills that will allow him to drive his team to success. He will be responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the company, including truck, trailer and storage rentals. (Logo: http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/20090622/LA34860LOGO-b) A photo accompanying this release is available at:...

2009-06-10 12:16:58

According to a new study, male hummingbirds achieve speeds "faster than fighter jets." A researcher has taken pictures of the birds' dives with super fast cameras.  He was able to attract the males by using stuffed models of female birds. The birds filmed reached speeds of almost 400 body lengths per second. The courtship dives of male Anna's hummingbirds was recorded by Christopher Clark from the University of California - Berkeley on cameras able to capture 500 frames per second. He...

2008-04-28 14:40:00

Endangered North Atlantic right whales are safer along Massachusetts Bay's busy shipping lanes this spring, thanks to a new system of smart buoys. The buoys recognize whales' distinctive calls and route the information to a public Web site and a marine warning system, giving ships the chance to avoid deadly collisions.The 10-buoy Right Whale Listening Network - developed at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution - is arriving barely in time for the beleaguered...

2008-02-01 16:39:10

The chirps and beeps of hummingbirds at times come from their tails. Male Anna's hummingbirds — the West Coast's most common hummingbird — perform spectacular dive-bomber displays for females during breeding season, with their tail feathers vibrating like a reed in a clarinet as a result to make the sounds, scientists explained. "The Anna's hummingbird is the only hummingbird for which we know all the details, but there are a number of other species with similarly...

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