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2012-10-24 23:45:41

Pica and geophagy are much more prevalent in Madagascar than earlier researchers believed Though it was identified as a disorder as early as the 14th century, pica, or the eating of non-food items, has for years believed to be all but non-existent in a few corners of the globe — a 2006 study that reviewed research on pica found just four regions — the South of South America, Japan, Korea and Madagascar —where the behavior had never been observed. A new Harvard study,...

Herbal Remedies Found To Be Cost Effective
2012-07-31 15:00:48

Connie K. Ho for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online Coughs and sore throats, sickness can be a hassle to deal with. While some people go straight to the pharmacy, others look to their garden or the forest to procure natural ingredients. A Harvard researcher focused on studying natural medicines revealed the economic benefits patients had from using the traditional medicines. Investigator Christopher Golden discovered that patients in northwest Madagascar receive $5 to $8 in...

Lack Of Bushmeat Could Increase Child's Risk Of Anemia
2011-11-23 05:48:20

According to a new study, taking bushmeat out of a child's diet could increase their chances of anemia. The study found that the loss of access to wildlife as a source of food would lead to a 29 percent jump in the number of children suffering from anemia. The researchers said that among children in the poorest households, there would be a three-fold increase in the incidence of anemia.  Anemia in children can impair growth and cognitive development. "When thinking of creating...

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