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Science Retracts 2009 Report On Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
2011-12-24 05:46:30

On Thursday, the journal Science retracted a 2009 report linking a mouse retrovirus to chronic fatigue syndrome. The 2009 study found that the retrovirus XMRV was frequently present in the blood of chronic fatigue sufferers. However, Science said it "lost confidence in the report and the validity of its conclusions" after researchers earlier this year had failed to detect the virus in chronic fatigue patients. The retraction said that "there is evidence of poor quality control in a...

2011-12-09 16:20:03

Systematic review published in Pain indicates scope of problem Children who suffer from persistent or recurring chronic pain may miss school, withdraw from social activities, and are at risk of developing internalizing symptoms such as anxiety, in response to their pain. In the first comprehensive review of chronic pain in children and adolescents in 20 years, a group of researchers found that more children now are suffering from chronic pain and that girls suffer more frequently from...

Pretty Hispanic Girl and Female Doctor Isolated on a White Background.
2011-12-04 08:33:32

Using behavioral therapy to teach children and adolescents how to cope with juvenile fibromyalgia (JFM) could make it easier to cope with the chronic musculoskeletal pain disorder, both mentally and physically, according to a new study. A team of researchers from the University of Cincinnati, Vanderbilt University, the Medical University of South Carolina, the University of Louisville, the Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem, and The Cleveland Clinic Foundation studied 114 subjects...

2011-11-14 23:48:15

Patients who received a short course of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) over the telephone from trained therapists reported that they felt "better" or "very much better" at the end of a six-month treatment period, and also three months after it ended. The Arthritis Research UK-funded trial led by the University of Aberdeen working with the University of Manchester was the first-ever trial of telephone-delivered CBT for people with chronic widespread pain. Cognitive behavioral therapy...

2011-10-20 12:37:57

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) may be alleviated by the anti-cancer drug Rituximab, suggesting that the source of the disease could lie in the immune system, according to a new study published Oct. 19 in the online journal PLoS ONE. Uncertainty about the cause of CFS, which is characterized by extreme, unexplained exhaustion, among other symptoms, has led to much debate, but the authors of this recent study believe they may have found the answer. The work, led by Drs. Oystein Fluge and...

2009 Study Linking Mouse Virus To Chronic Fatigue Could Be False
2011-09-23 06:38:46

  Scientists who linked a mouse virus to chronic fatigue syndrome may have had some false information during their original 2009 study. New research published by Science on Thursday cast doubt on 2009 study published in the same journal that linked chronic fatigue syndrome with the XMRV virus. The initial 2009 results claimed that XMRV was found in the blood of two-thirds of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. However, Science ran two reports refuting the 2009 study in...

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