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2014-05-06 23:04:48

With CIPHER – Integration for E-Commerce based application data now integrated with SAP ERP, customers can benefit quickly from capabilities of both solutions. Milwaukee,

2014-02-24 23:28:49

Cloud Medical Doctor Software Corporation (Cloud-MDs) (OTCQB: NSCT), a leading provider of “Cloud Based” medical practice business operations solutions and billing services for the healthcare

2014-02-13 23:24:52

Cloud Medical Doctor Software Corporation (Cloud-MD) (OTCQB: NSCT) announced today that its CipherShop division has acquired a new type of digital processing technology known as Compass Rose (CR).

Winners Of Code Breaking Competition Announced
2013-01-21 13:09:20

On Monday, it was announced a team from the City of London School has broken a code and in the process won a national code breaking competition, now in its 11th year.

Amateur Historian Cracks WWI Pigeon Code
2012-12-17 14:49:46

A World War II coded message found in a fireplace attached to the remains of a dead carrier pigeon is believed to have been decrypted by an amateur historian in Canada.

WWII Carrier Pigeon Message Stumps Experts
2012-11-28 05:32:21

A coded message found attached to the remains of a D-Day military carrier pigeon may never be decoded, Britain’s top code-breakers say.

2012-07-10 10:46:49

Cryptology is one of the most important techniques in the field of information security, which provides an abundance of services including privacy, data integrity, authentication, access control, anonymity, non-repudiation.

2012-06-28 23:02:10

Closing the critical security gap in predictable communication of weak encryption keys, MerlinCryption’s enterprise solution utilizes variable key length and a random data generator technology,

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