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2014-09-16 12:30:24

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Sept. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- A team in Cambridge, Massachusetts has created a safer sleep aid with Food for Sleep, a 2 ½ ounce beverage made from foods clinically demonstrated to promote healthy sleep. It's a science-based recipe, made with tart cherry juice and whey protein rich in bioavailable tryptophan. Food for Sleep is available nationwide beginning September 2014. http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnvar/20140915/146100 "There's a huge need to help people sleep without...

2014-08-27 23:12:37

Casey Diekman, assistant professor of mathematical sciences at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), is helping to gain greater insight into the biological clock that sets the pace for daily life. (PRWEB) August 27, 2014 Casey Diekman, assistant professor of mathematical sciences at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), is helping to gain greater insight into the biological clock that sets the pace for daily life. Evolution has harmonized the behavior of humans and all other...

jet lag gene
2014-08-17 02:00:17

Salk Institute for Biological Studies Salk researchers discover a master gene responsible for sleep and wake cycles, offering hope for a drug that could help reset sleep Scientists at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies have identified a gene that regulates sleep and wake rhythms. The discovery of the role of this gene, called Lhx1, provides scientists with a potential therapeutic target to help night-shift workers or jet lagged travelers adjust to time differences more...

shift work sleep and alertness aids
2014-08-14 03:30:14

The Cochrane Library Shift workers are taking drugs to help them stay awake or get to sleep despite weak evidence for their benefit, according to a new Cochrane review. The authors of the review found only small numbers of trials testing over-the-counter and prescription drugs used by shift workers, and the results suggest that for some people they might do more harm than good. In most developed countries, at least 10% of the workforce is involved in some form of shift work. European...

Natural Light In Your Office Can Improves Sleep, Physical Activity And Quality Of Life
2014-08-12 03:00:12

By Marla Paul, Northwestern University Office workers with more light exposure at the office had longer sleep duration, better sleep quality, more physical activity and better quality of life compared to office workers with less light exposure in the workplace, reports a new study from Northwestern Medicine and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The study highlights the importance of exposure to natural light to employee health and the priority architectural designs of...

2014-08-04 16:26:42

STONEHAM, Mass., Aug. 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- CIRCADIAN®, the global leader in managing 24/7 workforce productivity, health and safety in businesses that operate around the clock, announced today that it has acquired a controlling stake in ZircLight Inc. with a $2.5 million Series A investment led by ams AG, a leading designer and manufacturer of sensor and analog solutions including sensor-integrated intelligent managers that are enabling the next generation of smart lighting...

Sleep Studies Find Contradictory Results Pertaining To Lunar Cycles
2014-07-09 07:36:29

Alan McStravick for redOrbit.com - Your Universe online Ask any emergency room nurse or doctor and they will tell you that the effect on human behavior of a full moon cannot be denied. Besides anecdotal accounts of general human lunacy when the moon looms large in the night sky, there has been murmurs for some time in the scientific community that the Earth's natural satellite also affects our sleep. All studies thus far have been inconclusive. As reported in Time Magazine and other...

2014-06-24 11:15:22

Warwick University Research led by the University of Warwick’s Systems Biology Centre and Warwick Medical School in collaboration with groups in Nice and Rotterdam has been able to demonstrate how the cycle of cell division in mammalian cells synchronises with the body’s own daily rhythm, its circadian clock. The study not only helps to explain why people with sustained disrupted circadian rhythms can be more susceptible to cancer, it may also help establish the optimal time of day to...

2014-06-19 08:30:20

TEL-AVIV, Israel, June 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Neurim Pharmaceuticals announced today publication of the results from an exploratory Phase 2 randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial evaluating the safety and efficacy of add-on Circadin(R) (Prolonged Release melatonin 2mg) to standard therapy in Alzheimer's disease (AD) patients. The study, published in the Clinical Interventions in Aging Journal, demonstrates positive effects of the drug on cognitive performance and...

Sedentary Behaviors Keep Night Owls From Regular Exercise Routines
2014-06-04 08:14:54

Lawrence LeBlond for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online A recent study published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology found that persons who stay up all night are bigger risk takers than those who get a regular night’s sleep. While that research looked at the financial aspect of taking risks, it is likely that another risky move associated with night owls is not getting regular exercise. A new study published in the journal Sleep, and to be presented June 4 in Minneapolis,...

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Pineal Gland
2013-04-30 10:31:18

The pineal gland, also called the epiphysis cerebri, is an endocrine organ located in the brain. Its primary function is to regulate the sleep cycle and influence sexual development. It is a reddish-gray glandular structure that forms the roof of the third ventricle in the brain, between the two lateral ventricles, tucked in a groove near the thalamic bodies. Its body is relatively the size of a grain of rice; it’s shaped like a pine cone and has an infindibular stalk projecting from it....

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