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2010-05-06 13:38:00

AAP Issues Statement Same Day That Congressmembers Introduce Bill To Ban Transporting Minor Girls Beyond American Borders for Purpose of Female Genital Mutilation Same Human Rights Protection That Girls Enjoy Under Federal Law Must Be Extended To Boys, Intact America's Founder and Director Argues TARRYTOWN, N.Y., May 6 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The founder and director of Intact America, which has been campaigning to change the way America thinks about male circumcision, today blasted the...

2009-07-25 13:15:59

Two out of three doctors surveyed in Sweden said they refuse to circumcise boys because they consider it assault without the child's consent, sources said. The opposing doctors said they did not perform circumcisions unless the procedure was deemed medically necessary.

2009-06-25 11:45:00

REMOVAL OF HEALTHY FUNCTIONING TISSUE VIOLATES MEDICAL ETHICS, HUMAN RIGHTS OF BABY BOYS WHO CANNOT GIVE INFORMED CONSENT NEW YORK, June 25 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Parents, pediatricians and health and human rights activists today announced the launch of INTACT AMERICA and its website -- www.intactamerica.org -- to change how America thinks about male circumcision.

2008-12-29 12:43:10

Female circumcision is widespread in Iraq's Kurdistan region, despite it having what is considered a more progressive society, women's advocacy groups say. A study this year indicates more than 60 percent of women in Kurdish areas of northern Iraq have been circumcised, and in at least one territory 95 percent of women have undergone the ritual, The Washington Post reported Monday. The practice -- involving the removal of external female genitalia -- and the Kurdish Parliament's refusal to...

2008-06-22 09:00:30

By Brian Brady Special investigation: Female circumcision British children at risk Brian Brady reports on a police operation to protect more than 20,000 girls, some aged nine or younger, thought to be in danger of forced genital mutilation Police are to stage high-profile checks on flights to a number of African states in an attempt to stop young girls being taken abroad to be forcibly mutilated with the consent of their parents.

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