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2011-03-11 08:56:00

NEW YORK, March 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Producers Michael Rakosi and Anita Poll announce today that they are releasing a new webisode of YouTube series, "That Show with Michael Rakosi," the show which is the first serious, sometimes quirky talk show about men, specifically 7 men who share their innermost thoughts about fear, manhood, danger and sexuality, anything but sports or politics. In this never before seen Webisode, boxing legend, Tommy Gallagher (formerly of NBC's "The Contender")...

2011-03-04 16:23:06

"It's going great," Greg Clayman said of the The Daily, the digital newspaper created for Apple's iPad by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. Speaking at the paid content 2011 conference in New York City, Clayman tells AFP, "We're not disclosing the exact numbers (of downloads) but it's in the hundreds of thousands."Clayman explains an impressive number of readers had already seen value in the iPad app, enough to pay the subscription fee of 99 cents a week. He declined to say exactly how many paid...