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New Batch Of Emails Causes Climategate Part 2
2011-11-23 06:09:35

A British university is saying that another batch of emails has been released that are similar to those that caused a global climate controversy in 2009.

2010-07-07 14:15:00

Climate scientists have emerged from an inquiry with their reputations still intact.

2010-05-07 11:00:00

Over 250 scientists in the US defended climate change research on Thursday against "political assaults," while at the same time warning that any delay in tackling the issue heightens the risk of a planet-wide catastrophe.

2010-04-14 11:05:00

Scientists at the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit (CRU) have been cleared of intentional wrongdoing in the "Climategate" scandal by an independent review panel.

2010-03-31 12:15:00

A committee has found no evidence that climate researchers at University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit manipulated data.

2010-03-03 05:55:00

A British climate researcher at the heart of the Climategate row scandal admitted he wrote some "pretty awful" emails to skeptics when he refused their requests for data.

2010-02-11 12:45:00

Just months after a series of leaked e-mails from university researchers started the affair known as "Climategate," a panel of independent experts have now begun investigating the case.

2010-01-28 12:30:00

The Information Commissioner's Office found that a university unit involved in a controversy over stolen e-mails on climate research breached rules by withholding data.

2009-12-04 13:15:00

The University of East Anglia announced Thursday it is formally investigating whether scientists at its prestigious Climatic Research Unit falsified data on global warming studies.

2009-12-02 14:10:00

The University of East Anglia said Tuesday that the chief of a prestigious British research center caught in a storm of controversy over claims that he and others suppressed data about climate change has stepped down pending an investigation.

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