Latest Clinic for Special Children Stories

2010-03-08 14:50:00

INDIANAPOLIS "“ The gene for a newly recognized disease has been identified thanks to the determination of an Amish father and the clinical skills and persistence of Indiana University and Riley Hospital for Children physicians in collaboration with physicians and researchers at the Clinic for Special Children in Lancaster County, Penn., which specializes in disorders of the Amish. The identification of the new multisystem autoimmune disorder and the recessive gene that causes it have...

2007-05-19 12:10:00

By HELEN O'NEILL EAST EARL, Pa. - Across the moonless dark of Lancaster County, where horse-drawn buggies clatter along dusty country roads and many families shun electricity, a strange blue light cuts harshly through the night. Over the cornfields it beckons, like some otherworldly force, beaming from the bedroom window of a 100-year-old Mennonite farmhouse. Downstairs, flaxen-haired girls with braids read to younger children ... a mother in a traditional long print dress and white...

2007-04-03 12:00:53

By Foehlinger, Cris Clinic that studies diabetes and other diseases is testament to trust built over time Dr. Alan Shuldiner started researching adult diabetes about 14 years ago by driving from Baltimore to Lancaster County to draw blood from the Amish. Twice a week, he would leave his home at 3 a.m. to be on Amish farms by 5 or 5:30 a.m. to draw blood from fasting volunteers. "I had no clinic here so I would take a tabletop centrifuge from the trunk of my car and run it with a...

2005-06-26 19:06:16

STRASBURG, Pa. -- Smack dab in the middle of a central Pennsylvanian cornfield, in the heart of an Amish culture that typically shuns technology, sits a marvel of genetic medicine and science. The building itself, a tidy clapboard structure, was raised by hand, rope and horse in the Amish way 16 years ago. Upstairs, is the Clinic for Special Children. Downstairs houses the Amish Research Clinic. The clinic has played a role in numerous significant discoveries by expert gene hunters, from...

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