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2008-08-28 03:00:40

By Paul English SOMEONE at stv obviously hadn't changed the intelligence settings after The X Factor. Before Martin Clunes' film about mutts, the station's announcer was still addressing the sort of audience who think "canine" is a good name for a boy band. The patronising voice said: "And now on stv, did you know a dog's genetic make-up is similar to that of a wolf? Me neither." Granted, there are a lot of people out there with the IQ of a minty fresh breath, but come on - one year-old...

2008-08-23 00:00:24

By Peter Chapman SUNDAY 24.08 Martin Clunes: a Man and His Dogs 9pm ITV1 Martin Clunes, a self-confessed dog fan, investigates how the relationship with our four-legged friends has changed over the years. In the first of a two-part documentary, he travels to Australia to watch dingoes messing about in the surf. The Naked Pilgrim: the Road to Santiago Sky Arts 7.30pm Brian Sewell's supplies of good temper begin to run dry as he explores some wall carvings in Bordeaux, but a trip to...

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  • Nautical, the visiting and carousing of sailors in the Greenland ships.
This word is apparently from a confusion of two similar Dutch words: 'mallemerok,' a foolish woman, and 'mallemok,' a name for some persons among the crew of a whaling vessel.