Latest Cluster chemistry Stories

2009-01-22 16:25:00

Scientists at Penn State University and the Virginia Commonwealth University have discovered a way to produce hydrogen by exposing selected clusters of aluminum atoms to water. The findings are important because they demonstrate that it is the geometries of these aluminum clusters, rather than solely their electronic properties, that govern the proximity of the clusters' exposed active sites. The proximity of the clusters' exposed sites plays an important role in affecting the clusters'...

2008-09-09 15:00:29

U.S.-led scientists say they have, for the first time, achieved state-of-the-art resolution of active gold nanocrystals absorbed onto iron oxide surfaces. Using two scanning transmission electron microscopy instruments, the researchers said the resolution was sensitive enough to visualize individual gold atoms. The scientists from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Lehigh University and Cardiff University in Wales note gold has an exceptional ability to catalyze a wide...

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