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2012-01-17 08:00:00

First responders must often administer care with no knowledge of the victim's medical history, no manner in which to obtain it, and no time to wait to obtain it. Myinfo911 discovered that this increases the likelihood of misdiagnosis and adverse drug reactions. The MyInfo911 emergency ID card and sticker utilize latest state of the art technology to help prevent this serious problem. Palm Coast, FL (PRWEB) January 17, 2012 Myinfo911 discovered that misdiagnosis and adverse drug reactions...

2011-12-23 08:00:00

MyInfo911 provides products to meet the needs of Alzheimer sufferers that aid in identifying them, notifying next of kin, and assisting first responders in the face of medical emergency to instantly access the patient's medical history in order to provide care that is both timely and correct. Palm Coast, FL (PRWEB) December 23, 2011 Early in the development of its state of the art emergency ID products, MyInfo911 realized that more than just about any other group, victims of Alzheimer's...

2011-12-08 08:00:00

MyInfo911 offers a state of the art product to assist first responders in providing quick and accurate care for truckers who are injured in accidents or become ill on the road.Trucker's individual medical history and specific health needs are accessed with any smart phone. Next of kin and company personnel can also be instantly alerted to the emergency. Palm Coast, Fl. (PRWEB) December 08, 2011 When deciding what groups require special attention for their products, MyInfo911 needed only to...

2011-11-17 03:12:37

Sustainable coastal management, regional coordination and long-term, holistic viewpoint needed to protect fragile ecosystems The rapid, large scale coastal development underway in the Middle East must be better planned and managed to avoid aggravating already "severe" degradation and losses in the fragile marine ecosystems shared by eight Gulf countries — Bahrain, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates — warns a new report today by the...

2011-10-31 18:00:00

Emergency ID Products, such as a MyInfo911 Emergency ID Card or Sticker will help your child get the most accurate and immediate care in an Emergency Situation. Palm Coast, FL (PRWEB) October 31, 2011 Halloween is a night of costumes and candy and for most kids, one of their favorite holidays. Getting all dressed up as their favorite action hero, princess or scary monster can be a lot of fun. The downside, which no one really thinks about is the excess traffic, dark roads and dark...

California Coast To Feel Brunt Of Sea Level Rise
2011-09-14 10:51:12

  Picturesque beach towns up and down the coast of California may be facing hefty economic losses caused by rising ocean levels in the next century, according to a new state-commissioned study funded by the California Department of Boating and Waterways and conducted by economists at San Francisco State University. The study examines the cost of both coastal storm damage and erosion which are expected to increase as average coastal sea levels rise. Economists also expect impacts on...

2011-01-30 10:35:00

Engineers have created a new type of "stereo vision" to use in studying ocean waves as they pound against the shore, providing a better way to understand and monitor this violent, ever-changing environment.The approach, which uses two video cameras to feed data into an advanced computer system, can observe large areas of ocean waves in real time and help explain what they are doing and why, scientists say.The system may be of particular value as climate change and rising sea levels pose...

2010-11-02 02:00:00

DUBAI, UAE, November 2, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Marine and coastal developments in the Middle East are increasingly attracting global attention. Dr. Benno Boer, Ecological Sciences Advisor Arab Region at UNESCO, Craig Thackray, Head of Marine at Scott Wilson, and Magdy Youssef, Director of the Lusail Complex at Qatari Diar, were approached to provide input from the NGO, consultant and developer perspective on why this is so. Dr. Benno Boer, UNESCO, commented: "The Arab States in...

2010-08-02 07:30:00

SANTA ANA, Calif., Aug. 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- CoreLogic, a leading provider of information, analytics and business services, reported today that the impact of the BP DeepWater Horizon oil spill on home values in the coastal counties along the Gulf coast communities is expected to range from $648 million over one year and to as much as $3 billion over five years for the communities already being impacted by the spill. If the unlikely worst-case scenario occurs and the spill reaches...

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