Latest Cochrane Collaboration Stories

2012-09-19 16:01:34

A new Cochrane Review concludes that all countries should consider establishing proper home birth services.

2012-01-18 12:58:11

Incomplete availability of data has hampered a thorough assessment of the evidence for using the anti-influenza drug oseltamivir, a Cochrane Review has found.

2010-06-16 13:20:51

There is no evidence that the common practice of giving patients oxygen to inhale during a heart attack is beneficial, according to a new Cochrane Systematic Review.

2009-10-07 11:22:34

Rapid viral diagnosis tests for respiratory diseases in children who arrive in emergency departments have the potential to reduce pressures on health systems by enabling doctors to reach a quicker diagnosis, according to Cochrane Researchers. However, they say larger trials are needed to confirm this finding.

2009-02-20 13:34:51

But a systematic review of the literature for high-quality scientific trials published in the February issue of The Spine Journal finds exercise in workplace and community settings effective in preventing new episodes of low-back problems.

2009-01-26 08:42:23

The media are often blamed for only reporting on bad news. But in the world of medical news, the opposite may be true.

2009-01-26 08:38:32

New research shows the cure to your next headache could come from a needle…not a pill!

2008-10-08 13:15:00

Scientists reported on Wednesday that the common herb St. John’s Wort could be useful as a treatment of major depression.

2008-09-30 21:00:33

Amgen Inc., (NASDAQ: AMGN) announced it has received a summary of preliminary results from the Cochrane Collaboration's independent meta-analysis of patient-level data from previously conducted, randomized, controlled, clinical studies evaluating erythropoiesis-stimulating agents (ESAs) in cancer patients.

2008-09-19 03:00:13

By Kim, Caron R Free, Caroline CONTEXT: Peer-led interventions have become a popular method of providing sexual health education to adolescents, but the efficacy of this approach and the methodological quality of recent trials have not been systematically reviewed.

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