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Math Behind Growth Of 'Coffee Rings' Shown With Help From Penn Physicists
2013-01-18 14:43:58

University of Pennsylvania Last year, a team of University of Pennsylvania physicists showed how to undo the “coffee-ring effect,” a commonplace occurrence when drops of liquid with suspended particles dry, leaving a ring-shaped stain at the drop´s edges. Now the team is exploring how those particles stack up as they reach the drop´s edge, and they discovered that different particles make smoother or rougher deposition profiles at the drop edge depending on their...

2011-08-18 12:30:00

Researchers are using the "coffee ring effect" to turn it into new techniques or formulations for ink and paints. The "coffee ring effect" takes place when a drop of coffee on a surface dries, leaving the color of the edges of the ring more distinct as the coffee dries. According to the researchers, as liquid in a droplet evaporates the edges remained fixed, so as the volume decreases fluid flows outward from the middle of the droplet to its edges.  This carries particles to the edges,...

2010-11-24 09:37:06

Ubiquitous stain offers new ideas on industrial coatings, electronics and medicine For centuries, intellectuals have met at the ring-stained surfaces of coffee shops to pore over the most pressing problems of the day -- but has anyone ever pondered the coffee rings they left behind? What causes the formation of stain patterns left behind by coffee droplets on a surface? You might think coffee ring formation, first described quantitatively by Deegan et al in a heavily cited article, is the...

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