Latest Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Stories

2010-01-04 13:19:53

A team of scientists at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) has determined a hierarchical set of criteria that explain how the molecular precursors of gene-regulating small RNAs are sorted by the cellular machinery.

2009-12-02 11:26:54

Live cell imaging techniques are driving a revolution in biological research.

2009-11-12 11:34:00

A domain of the NR2B subunit of the NMDA receptor is mapped in exquisite detail.

2009-11-09 14:41:47

Aggressive tumors lacking p53 protein stop dead in their tracks when p53's sister protein -- TAp63 -- steps in.

2009-11-04 15:00:26

A chemical cousin of the common antibiotic tetracycline might be useful in treating spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), a currently incurable disease that is the leading genetic cause of death in infants.

2009-11-03 12:42:12

The introduction of high-throughput laboratory methods has greatly increased the pace of research into the genetics of complex diseases.

2009-10-26 15:05:31

Gene copy number variations of the same region, 16p11.2, are already linked to autism.

2009-10-02 08:54:45

Discovery could lead to treatments for learning and memory deficits, particularly Noonan's syndrome.

2009-08-24 15:33:12

A research team led by Associate Professor Jonathan Sebat, Ph.D., of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) has developed a sensitive and accurate way of identifying gene copy number variations (CNVs).

2009-08-18 10:25:00

Why is it that you can instantly recall your own phone number but have to struggle with your mental Rolodex to remember a new number you heard a few moments ago?

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