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Bonin Wood Pigeon Columbia versicolor
2014-09-10 10:35:09

The Bonin Wood Pigeon (Columbia versicolor) was a pigeon that was native to Nakado-jima and Chichi-jima in the Ogasawara Islands off of the coast of Japan. It’s known from four documented specimens, the first of 1827 and the last from 1889. They averaged a length of 45 centimeters. This bird died out late in the 19th century as a result of deforestation, hunting, and predation by the rats and...

Passenger Pigeon Ectopistes migratorius
2014-04-18 10:16:19

The Passenger Pigeon or the Wild Pigeon (Ectopistes migratorius) is an extinct North American bird. The species resided in enormous migratory flocks until the early 20th century, when hunting and habitat destruction led to its demise. One flock in 1866 in southern Ontario was described as being 1 mile wide and 300 miles long, took 14 hours to pass, and held more than 3.5 billion birds. That...

Pink Pigeon Columba mayeri
2009-06-04 23:10:27

The Pink Pigeon (Columba mayeri) is a species of bird of the Columbidae family, which includes doves and pigeons. It is endemic to Mauritius and is very rare. It is found only on the Mascarene Island of Mauritius. Once being found on the larger Reunion Island, it is now extinct there. It is found in patches of forest in the National Park area to the southwest, and in the nature reserve Ile aux...

New Zealand Pigeon Kerer
2006-09-11 13:38:49

The kererû or New Zealand Pigeon, Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae, is a bird endemic to New Zealand.The kererû belongs to the family Columbidae, and the subfamily Treroninae, which is found throughout Southeast Asia, Malaya, Africa and New Zealand. They are commonly found in native forests (lowlands in particular), scrub, rural and city gardens and parks. New Zealand Pigeons are large...

Green Imperial Pigeon
2006-09-11 13:32:43

The Green Imperial Pigeon, Ducula aenea, is a widespread resident breeding bird in tropical southern Asia from India east to Indonesia. There are a number of sub-species of this bird including the Chestnut-naped Imperial Pigeon. The Imperial Pigeon is a forest bird. Green Imperial Pigeon is a large plump pigeon, 17.7 inches in length. Its back, wings and tail are metallic green. The head...

Passenger Pigeon
2006-09-11 13:14:57

The Passenger Pigeon, Ectopistes migratorius, was once probably the most common bird in the world. It is estimated that there were as many as 5 billion pigeons of this species in the United States. They lived in flocks as large as a mile wide and 300 miles long and containing two billion birds. It lived in colonies with up to a hundred nests in a single tree. They resided throughout much of...

White-headed Pigeon
2006-09-01 13:29:42

The White-headed Pigeon, Columba leucomela, is a pigeon native to Australia. It is also known as "Baldy" and "Baldy Pigeon". The pigeon's habitat is from Cooktown, Queenstown to southern New South Wales. It can commonly be found in tropical regions, subtropical rainforest, scrub, watercourses and street trees. The size of the pigeon varies from 15.2 to 16.4 inches. Plumage consists of a...

Nilgiri Wood Pigeon
2006-09-01 13:27:19

The Nilgiri Wood Pigeon, Columba elphinstonii, is a bird endemic to moist deciduous forests and shoals of the Western Ghats in southwestern India. They are identified in the field by the checkerboard pattern on their napes. This pigeon species qualifies as vulnerable owing to its small, declining population, restricted range and widespread destruction of its forest habitat. Its...

Wood Pigeon
2006-09-01 13:24:56

The Wood Pigeon, Columba palumbus, is a member of the bird family Columbidae. In the colder northern and eastern parts of its European and western Asiatic range the Wood Pigeon is a migrant, but in southern and western Europe it is a well distributed and often abundant resident. It breeds in trees in woods, parks and gardens, laying two white eggs in a simple stick nest which hatch after 17...

Speckled Pigeon
2006-09-01 13:22:58

The Speckled Pigeon, Columba guinea, is a pigeon in the bird family Columbidae. It is a resident breeding bird in much of Africa south of the Sahara. It is a common and widespread species in open habitats over a good deal of its range, although there are sizeable gaps in its distribution. This is a large pigeon at 16 inches in length. Its back and wings are reddish-brown, the latter heavily...

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