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2008-09-17 00:00:19

By Neal Justin Faces to watch this fall Christian Slater on "My Own Worst Enemy" The new character(s): Mild-mannered suburbanite Henry Spivey and trained assassin Edward Albright, who happen to share the same body on this new show, premiering 10 p.m. Oct. 13 (NBC).

2008-09-15 15:00:22

To mark the seventh anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist acts, on 12 September Russian Channel One TV showed a controversial documentary, "Zero", which questions the official version of events.

2008-09-10 03:00:00

In the "How Are We Going to Be Able to Tell?" category, cable network MSNBC has announced that Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann will, henceforth, be "commentators" rather than news anchors at political events.

2008-09-02 09:00:22

By Dusty Saunders You can't accuse 9News, CBS4 News and Denver's 7 of ignoring the drama surrounding Barack Obama's 42-minute acceptance speech. Once it ended, the three bumped network programming at 9 p.m.

2008-08-25 15:00:38

The Democratic National Convention will attract about 15,000 members of the media, all working to document the historic event.

2008-08-08 09:01:05

By Scott D. Pierce Deseret News BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- Fox News anchorman Chris Wallace went out of his way to criticize MSNBC -- and he made an excellent point. Of course, there was also a certain pot-calling-the-kettle-black quality to his criticism.

2008-07-30 12:00:48

By JIM BELSHAW Of the Journal I'm late to the Michael Savage party. When the invitations went out about a week ago, I thought about calling Gay Finlayson to see if she was going, but decided against it. I don't know why.

2008-07-23 21:00:28

By Alan Pergament If you put 200 of the nation's television critics in the same room with media executives and stars, you're bound to have some issues raised. And there was the usual share during the Television Critics Association tour that ended Tuesday.

2008-07-04 06:00:40

By Brian Stelter Talk was never cheap for Rush Limbaugh, but now it is getting a lot more expensive. The AM radio host will be paid about $400 million to continue serving up his daily dose of conservative patter through 2016.

2008-06-26 03:01:20

Eastwick Communications for Ustream.TV Lyda Velez, 650-480-4074 lyda@eastwick.com On Thursday, June 26, Ustream.TV will be broadcasting the 8-hour telethon, "From the Front Lines," honoring America's military men and women.

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