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2009-02-24 15:55:27

In a paper published today in the prestigious journal Science, scientists from CSIRO Plant Industry, the University of Zurich and the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center have identified a wheat gene sequence which provides protection against leaf rust, stripe rust and powdery mildew.

2008-12-15 10:09:03

 Australian scientists at CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation), have developed a new system to screen for compounds that can inhibit one of the processes that takes place during the progression of Alzheimer's disease. In a paper published in the November issue of the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, folate is shown to be beneficial in the screening system.Lead author, CSIRO's Dr Ian Macreadie says folate is already well known to have a protective effect...

2008-12-08 11:05:26

CSIRO scientists have developed a new system to screen for compounds that can inhibit one of the processes that takes place during the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

2008-12-08 10:25:00

Intensifying winds in the Southern Ocean have had little influence on the strength of the Southern Ocean circulation and therefore its ability to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

2008-10-17 10:10:00

When the Americans eventually send a manned mission to Mars, the whole world will be able to watch ‘live’ television coverage of the event courtesy of CSIRO know-how.

2008-10-08 14:50:00

Australian scientists reported Wednesday hundreds of new marine species as well as previously uncharted undersea mountains and canyons have been discovered in the depths of the Southern Ocean.

2008-09-18 13:57:59

In an attempt to help conservation of marine animals and aid in climate change monitoring, scientists using DNA have catalogued and described 100 new species of sharks and rays in Australian waters.

2008-08-13 18:00:35

By Luntz, Stephen CSIRO and the Grains Research and Development Corporation's joint Crop Biofactories Initiative has taken a step towards replacing petroleum-derived products with plant oils while avoiding the problems associated with biofuels.

2008-08-13 10:45:00

CSIRO is investigating ways of controlling a devastating new wheat disease strain which could lead to a global wheat production and food supply crisis.

2008-08-03 10:38:26

Just weeks out from the Olympics, the CSIRO and its Chinese partners have officially launched a post-combustion capture (PCC) pilot plant in Beijing that strips carbon dioxide from power station flue gases in an effort to stem climate change.

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