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2008-09-27 03:00:19

The first compostable bottles of water to be sold in the U.S. House of Representatives will come from a company in Southside Virginia.

2008-09-27 00:00:18

A Mushroom compost manufacturer has been ordered to take action to reduce the smell produced by the process. Cotswold District Council is taking action against Agricultural Supply Company Limited, of Fairford.

2008-09-24 06:00:18

By Banks Albach At 11:10 a.m.

2008-09-23 18:00:22

COHASSET - The Friends of Holly Hill Farm will hold programs on topics ranging from composting to wreath making this fall. The first program in the series, "Home Compost and Starting a Worm Bin," will be held at 2 p.m. Saturday. The fee is $15.

2008-09-23 03:00:16

Clay is the Jekyll and Hyde of soils. It constitutes some of our most fertile agricultural soils, but even these turn rock-hard when dry. Tiny particles pack down so tightly that the ground virtually defies water absorption. Once saturated, it becomes a sticky morass taking forever to dry out.

2008-09-21 21:00:16

By Jake Griffin jgriffin@@dailyherald.com Ashley Summers' lunch leftovers feed the hungry. Hundreds of worms devour apple cores, banana peels, carrot tops and other organic table scraps she and co-workers at Western DuPage Special Recreation Association leave behind.

2008-09-21 03:00:17

By Anonymous Health watchdogs have included composting in areas which must have risk-management systems in place following a report on pest infestations.

2008-09-21 03:00:17

By Sixsmith, Rachel Swapping chemicals for compost will "put the biology back in the soil" and lead to healthier crops, according to microbiologist and organic farming technologist Dr Elaine Ingham.

2008-09-18 00:00:17

By JENNA RICHARDS Two Torquay residents tidied up their street only for the council to refuse to take the rubbish. Trevor Hurling and neighbour Penny Meredith of Venford Close heard about the national Big Tidy Up campaign and decided to clean up their street.

2008-09-14 12:00:15

By Ethan Thomas Deseret News PROVO -- Brigham Young University is adding to its list of programs that are designed to help the environment through conservation and sustainability. While the efforts have always helped Earth, the business model of these many programs also helps the university itself.

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Sheet Mulching
2013-08-05 12:36:35

Sheet mulching, or lasagna gardening, is the process of turning barren ground into a more nourishing garden without digging. It is a layered system that can be used for a yard garden or a topical box garden. Starting at the bottom is a weed proof barrier, like newspaper or cardboard. On top of that is a twelve-inch layer of compost or mulch material such as old clothes, yard clippings, and manure, which provides for nutrient rich soil. Weed-free soil is added prior to planting the desired...

Redworm, Eisenia fetida
2014-01-12 00:00:00

The redworm (Eisenia fetida), also known as the brandling worm, the tiger worm, the panfish worm, the trout worm, or the California worm, is a species of earth worm that is classified within the Annelida phylum. This species is native only to Europe, but it has been introduced into every country, excluding Antarctica, for vermicomposting purposes. Unlike other species of worm, the redworm does not prefer to reside in soil. It can be found in manure, rotting vegetation, and compost. The...

2013-04-01 12:21:33

The term plasticulture is in reference to the practice of utilizing plastic materials in agricultural applications. The plastic materials themselves are frequently and broadly referred to as “ag plastics.” Plasticulture ag plastics can include soil fumigation film, nursery pots and silage bags, irrigation drip tape or tubing, but the term is most frequently used to describe all kinds of plastic plant and soil coverings. Such coverings range from plastic mulch film, high and low...

2013-03-20 16:04:22

Vermicompost is composting with the use of special earthworms. Red wigglers and white worms are the more common worms used, although European night crawlers can be used as well. Red wigglers can be found living in manure piles and in rotting vegetation and adapt the best in covered worm bins. Common earthworms burrow deeply and are not recommended for use in compost bins. Blue worms are commonly used in the tropics. Worms are used to decompose vegetable and food waste along with bedding...

2013-03-03 07:19:30

Image Caption: Compost barrel with compost and tools. Credit: Diego Grez/Wikipedia Compost is fertilizer made from decomposed organic matter that is then tilled directly into the soil or used as an additive when transplanting seedlings. Composting can be very simplistic or complex, depending on the amount of compost needed. Compost is widely used in organic farming because of its high nutrient content and natural pesticide abilities. Composting is simply piling, systematically,...

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